Dear Gun Control Advocates: Have you checked with the ACLU about the No Fly list?

Second, the government asserted that national security concerns meant the government couldn’t confirm or deny whether people were on the No Fly List, and it couldn’t give them reasons or a hearing before a neutral decision-maker. This is absurd as a practical matter and violates due process as a constitutional matter. Practically speaking, people know they are on the No Fly List when they are banned from flying and surrounded — and stigmatized — by security officials publicly at airports. Some of our clients were told they would be taken off the list if they agreed to become government informants. Again, the court agreed with us and held that the government’s refusal to provide any notice or a hearing violates the Constitution. As a result, the government announced in April that it would tell U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents whether they are on the No Fly List, and possibly offer reasons.

Unfortunately, the government’s new redress process still falls far short of constitutional requirements. In our case, it refuses to provide meaningful notice of the reasons our clients are blacklisted, the basis for those reasons, and a hearing before a neutral decision-maker. Much as before, our clients are left to guess at the government’s case and can’t clear their names. That’s unconstitutional. 

Until the No Fly List Is Fixed, It Shouldn’t Be Used to Restrict People’s Freedoms – ACLU.


This is from December last year and possibly stands as a major stumbling block for Congress if they try to get the gun sales ban to people in the No Fly list. It would be an amazing show to see Lib Dem & RINO congresscritters squirm while a representative of the ACLU rips them a new one during hearings and letting a lot of people know that the overreaching laws are being challenged in court by an organization not know to be friendly to Gun Rights at all.


2 Replies to “Dear Gun Control Advocates: Have you checked with the ACLU about the No Fly list?”

  1. They will roll over and play dead over this the same way they did over the tranny bathroom issue. Some rights are more equal than others.


  2. What would it take to get every senator who joined the filibuster last night added to the No-Fly List?

    And I’m still waiting to find out which ones are connected to arms trafficking. (Because you know they are.)



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