Seriously, I am sick of John McCain

Via Redstate:

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017


(a) Army Transfers.—
(1) REQUIRED TRANSFER.—Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, and subject to paragraphs (3) and (4), the Secretary of the Army shall transfer to Rock Island Arsenal all excess firearms, related spare parts and components, small arms ammunition, and ammunition components currently stored at Defense Distribution Depot, Anniston, Alabama, that are no longer actively issued for military service.
(2) REPURPOSING AND REUSE.—The items specified for transfer under paragraph (1) shall be melted and repurposed for military use as determined by the Secretary of the Army, including—
(A) the re-forging of new firearms or their components; and
(B) force protection barriers and security bollards.


You wanna bet we are going to lose some guns that are classics? Just imagine WWI era 1911 and Springfield rifles and WWII M1 and M1 carbines being dropped into a furnace. It is not guns, it is history he is too willing to destroy.

I can’t surpass John Ross, so I am just gonna quote him

“Our culture is important, and we’re willing to pay for it. We have above -average educations, above – average incomes, and almost nonexistent criminal involvement. We pay far more in taxes and receive virtually no subsidy payments. You’d think Washington would be happy, but instead they are doing everything they can to destroy our culture.
In the ’20s, soldiers sat on their bunks in the cold at Camp Perry, cleaning the handmade .22 target rifles they would compete with the next day. When the President proudly announces that today, seventy years later, he is ordering these same guns thrown into a blast furnace, we in the gun culture feel powerful emotions. They are the same emotions a Native American would feel if the President proudly ordered the destruction of war clubs and other sacred tribal artifacts. They are the same emotions that Jews felt watching newsreel footage of Nazi Sturmtroopen gleefully burning intricate copies of the Torah.

We offer to buy the government’s surplus guns, and instead they pay to have them cut up. We offer to buy their surplus military ammo, shoot it, sell the brass to a smelter, and give the government the proceeds, and instead they pay to have it burned.
John Ross, Unintended Consequences.

It is drastic to say, but McCain’s Hanoi Hilton Visa card is expired.  I am done accepting his bullshit.

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  1. Very bad things happened to John McCain and he endured them with an integrity that I don’t know that I could have mustered. But that does not mean I always or even often agree with him. He has made what I feel are serious errors of judgement, such as his run for President (thanks for blowing it and leaving us with what we have today) and this is more of the same. He has never been our ally, and this is further proof.


    1. That’s exactly what i was intending to reply with.
      “He has never been our ally, and this is further proof.”

      He’s a tool and a shill. He was NEVER trustworthy once he got into office.



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