Human Sewage

Gersh Kuntzman, the vile scum puddle who lied about his experience at a gun range to be hyperbolic about suffering temporary mental disorder after shooting an AR15, to make America’s most popular rifle seem like a horrifying weapon of mass destruction, has just elevated his status as a complete piece of shit, exponentially.

I guess being the most made fun of reporter in America was not enough.

He published this: Alligator kills boy at Disney World — and Man kills right back! 

This soulless stack of bipedal excrement actually celebrated the death of a 2 year old boy in Orlando who was killed by an alligator.

No disrespect to the suffering family, but let me get this straight: We built a man-made ecosystem in the natural environment of a known predator, stocked it with fish for our amusement, built a hotel with a beach on its banks, let kids wade into the water, express shock when one gets eaten — and then we kill the animal for doing exactly what animals do?

We’re better than this, people. If you love nature, you have to love it when it does something natural.”

I am at a loss for words.  There is not enough profanity in all the languages in all the world to express the amount of derision I have for for this man.

But to his point.  Human beings are animals.  We are.  I have made the point many times before, that we have a tendency to forget that we are part of the food chain.  Usually we are on top, but sometimes we’re not.  It is the hubris of the suburbs that makes of forget this.  As such, if that alligator was doing what it is natural for it to do in attacking that poor boy.  Than it is equally natural, as a territorial animal, for us to drive the predators out of our territory.

It is natural for the lion to attach the Cape buffalo calf, and it is equally natural for the cape buffalo to gore the lion.  We as humans may not have horns, so a 12 gauge will have to suffice.

We are the apex predator.  We allow the alligator to live in our domain.  If it poses a threat, we are within our natural right to kill it.

That is the point of gun ownership.  It is what humans have created using the brains we have evolved to make up for the claws and fangs that evolution took from us.  Our right to defend ourselves comes not from the law but from nature itself, and applies regardless of the species that threatens us.


After reading this article, if the family of Lane Graves kidnapped Gersh Kuntzman and fed him to an alligator, I might just look the other way on that.

10 Replies to “Human Sewage”

  1. He would be okay with it if they offed the dinosaur with their bare hands, but using something even louder and shoulder-bruisinger than that awful weapon of war is cheating. Just like shooting back at your attempted murderer is cheating.
    He’s famous right now, so he’s going for the gusto. In sixteen minutes he’ll be lucky to be on the back of a Trivial Pursuit card.


    1. It’ll be miraculous if he makes it onto a Trivial Pursuit card.

      That usually means you’ve done something with your life that’s noteworthy, and Kuntzman (great name for him!), well, hasn’t. I predict it won’t be long before he isn’t even a cheap joke; he’ll be lucky to be the footnote to a cheap joke.


  2. Having seen pictures of the “beach” at that resort it would be easy to adopt the seaside mentality and to fail to understand that “no swimming” signs really mean “danger-here be alligators”. especially if you’re from a place where carnivorous reptiles aren’t common, and let your kid paddle…. because that’s not swimming si he’s not breaking the rules
    That said the journo is a douchebag and should be fed to the gators.


    1. I grew up in Florida and lived in Omaha for a little bit. Being from Florida, I KNOW that lakes and canals have gators in them. Knowing people from Nebraska, they wouldn’t think about that. For them, the worst thing in lakes is big carp.

      But to be honest, I wouldn’t have through that gators would have been a problem at Disney. I figured Disney would take care of that because they put tourist safety on top of everything – when was the last time you heard about somebody being hurt on a Disney ride?

      I would have thought that the “No Swimming” sign was there because Disney didn’t want the liability in case somebody drowned. Not because there were gators. If gators were the big threat, the sign should say “Beware, there are alligators in here.”

      When the sharks are out, the Australian beaches put up “Warning Shark” signs.


      1. Actually, the biggest reason Disney keeps people from swimming in the natural water is it’s home to an amoeba that likes to get into your brain and kill you. Their original water park used the lake water, but once they figured out that little problem, well, the place is a ruin now and there are two water parks that use treated water — and pools at every hotel.



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