Winning and Losing

Some interesting signs have been appearing around West Hollywood, CA.


After a mass shooting, when politicians take to the stage and say they are going to curtail the civil liberties of innocent people do something, there is a run on guns.  In this case, it is noted that there is run on guns by members of the LGBT community.

Deep in the heart of Texas, a shooting range has offered free concealed carry (CHL) classes to LGBT folk, and is totally booked up on space.

It seems that a (growing) segment of the LGBT community has been bitten by Israeli “Never Again” bug and are arming themselves.

This is how we win.  The more open the gun community is to LGBT folk, the more we welcome them in, the more we show that we are not the bigoted monsters the Left has painted us as, the more we demonstrate that the right to own guns and self defense exists for all law abiding citizens regardless of sexual orientation, the more we will continue to win.

I would love nothing more than to see a bunch of rainbow Gadsden flags and rainbow Gonzales flags waiving at the next pro-gun rally.

On the other size of the political world…

Some Social Justice Warriors at the University of Missouri  decided to segregate a vigil for the victims in Orlando, driving away Gays who wanted to show their respect because they were white.

Apparently this young woman didn’t feel that the Orlando shooting made her enough of a victim and decided to whip out the race card too and go for broke.

As you can imagine, this was a knife deep in the heart of the many gay men.


And this is how they lose.  They can’t just show solidarity.  They have to divide and segregate and divide and segregate.  Incidents like this show that SJWs are just avatars of hate and victimology that have taken human form and walk the earth spreading poison.

Maybe this shooting will mark a turning point in American politics.  It seems that the all the bloviating by Obama, Clinton, the media, and Liberal punditry at large, about how this is not about Islam and we can’t say Islamic terrorism, and this is the fault of the NRA has shown just how much the Left cares about or wants to protect the LGBT community.  Not.  At.  All.  Democrats/Liberals have overplayed their hand and revealed that they don’t care about the safety of LGBT folk, gays and lesbians are a defacto Dem voting block and can now be taken granted for.

5 Replies to “Winning and Losing”

      1. Precisely. And with the black vote no longer a sure-thing, as black voters begin realizing they didn’t leave the plantation so much as get shipped to one where the bars are gilded instead of iron, the Democrats know they need it.


  1. “divide and segregate and divide and segregate”
    Has been the order of the day for, what?, the last 15 years?
    They(tm) want this country and its people balkanized.
    Makes for an easier, distracted, target, to move legislation and hopenchange through without a fight… and by the time it’s realized, it’s too late.



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