reflections of an 07- plating part 2

Hello there. Finally getting to the finishing part of this project. Been getting life out of the way lately.

After sanding the parts surface down to a 1000 grit finish its on to the buffing.  20160529_113449_resized[1]This is my 1 HP floor buffer. it spins at 1850 rpm. Anything above 2200rpm you will have difficultys, it will melt the compounds and embed them in your work,makes a mess too. I use 8 or 10 inch buff wheels. This one is a spiral sewn one. It is medium hard. I use emory compound which is black on this one and is course. On steel it does a remarkable job as you can see here. Sorry I dont have any buffing photos, had no one to take pictures.20160529_104419_resized[1]Now we move on to cleaning with degreasers  at 140 degrees and soap with a distilled water rinse. Once it is clean,on to nickeling. A good quick clean test is dip the part in water and pull it out. If the water runs right off its clean. If the water rolls around an area, that area is not clean. I will have more on this soon.Next pic is ready to drop in nickel tankPic6 20160529_105911_resized[1]The colored plugs are in all the holes in this receiver because we dont want to fill the holes with plating as then the pins wont fit and you will chip the plating.20160529_113437_resized[1]This is my nickel tank. It get heated to 130-140 degrees,has air agitation,comes from the pvc pipe which goes back to a big blower that uses filtered air. Small tank next to it is the nickel rinse tank. Receiver went in for 1 hour and came out like this20160529_113542_resized[1]Now this gets CAREFULLY washed as you can scratch it. then it is ready for black chrome. Black chrome is just that,black but the nickel shine through it.20160530_163737_resized[1]20160530_163853_resized[1]Chrome gets its shine from the nickel under it, the chrome top coat is like a clear coat over a basecoat paint job. It protects the nickel from the world. I will have more projects soon guys. I appologize  for the delay. Any questions,comments send them in.

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  1. It’s a thing of beauty. I’ve been thinking about it.
    Does the nickel/chrome hold more heat or disperse it faster?
    Can you do a barrel to match it, or would that get too hot, firing it?
    Do you have to plug the whole interior or do you plate the inside too?
    Can you do that in brass?
    And last but not least, what’s something like that cost? Say for an old 336.


    1. The plating will not get too hot, motorcycle exhaust pipes are chrome plated. We dont have to plug the inside, just leave it factory and plating wont deposit there. Also if the plating anodes cant “see” an area it wont plate. Yes we can do barrels, up to 38 inch. The black chrome receiver was $400, reg chrome or nickel would be $300, polished. Matt finishes are $175 as we dont have to sand and buff to mirror polish. A barrel depending on size and finish would be comparable. My next post will be on a matt nickel Colt 1911 I did 6 years ago and it is a carry piece. Prices dont reflect dissassembly and reassembly, we perfer to receive them all ready to start work but we can do it.



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