NRA bought Congress and other funny myths.

CSGV NRA money congress

If you click on the link mentioned, you are taken to a page with pictures of the senators and their alleged prices, but what you won’t find anywhere is the source.

Senator Joni Ernst caught my eye. According to this site, she got $3,124,273 from the NRA. That is the equivalent of  89,000+ NRA Memberships.

CSGV NRA money congress Joni Ernst

So I checked her page in OpenSecrets to see her top contributors. You may say that $3,124,273 is a pretty big contribution, perhaps the top one so it should be easy to check:

CSGV NRA money congress Joni Ernst top

Hmmm.. Not in the top five and the cash quantity is smaller than the $3,124,273. Maybe by industry?

CSGV NRA money congress Joni Ernst industry

Damn it! Nothing again! You’d think that CSGV and are lying to us, right?

OK, but the NRA has Congress bought wholesale, right? There is no other explanation. All those billions of dollars coming from the Merchants of Death! So where does the NRA stand overall in donations to Congress?

CSGV NRA money congress 75

Seventy-Frigging-Five. Who is number one?

CSGV NRA money congress top 10

Notice that eight of the ten top donors give the majority of their cash to the Democrats and that the top donor gave 10 times what the NRA gave. Emily’s List and Dentists gave more money to Congress than the NRA for fuck’s sake!

You’d think the Opposition would have a smidgen of self-respect and would not publish and repeat such libelous information… who the hell am I kidding? If they are incapable to raise a finger to defend their loved ones, the rest of us is not going to get any consideration from them, much less the truth

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  1. The left loses their marbles when the NRA donates some of their money to political campaigns. However, when Bloomberg dumps a cool $50-$60 mil into the Democratic Party, they say nothing.


  2. Well of course. They’re not against money in politics, they’re against YOUR money in politics.

    NO, that’s not my line. But it’s certainly true.



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