The one where I retract Benefit of the Doubt.

You might remember the case of Michael Foster, the man who attacked a legal concealed carrier at a Florida WalMart and I went on to speculate that he might had unfortunate mental health issues from what was on the jail report. It seems Mr. Foster found this site and posted his side of the story in the comments section. (Now, if this is not the real Foster, I may have to eat the rest of the post)

After reading his side of the story, I have to retract from the benefit of the doubt:


I am not crazy, I am not anti gun, I am not racist. The guy armed himself outside of his car outside of Wal Mart in a manner that scared the s%&t out of me. My true thought was he was going to shoot his wife and coworkers. It appeared to be one of three choices in his eyes while stooping down behind his car to put the gun under his jacket; rob Wal Mart at noon, ex employee, or wife boning freind at work.


I was not trying to be a vigilante. I was not playing hero. I was not planning on anything at all, in fact. Wrong place, wrong time. Being that I thought it was the wife scenario, I was willing to take the bullet for her, presuming she’s minority as well, so, you guys who pull the race card, I’m not in that deck of cards. Sorry.


I feel the arrest was to cover the Fla law’s tracks on issuing gun permits to people who can’t even read (Clarence Daniels can’t read nor write). I was an easy target to “Baker Act” since they thought I was crazy for approaching a gunman.


My guess is Michael Foster is some sort of closet racist/supremacist and does have mental issues.  Why?

I feel the arrest was to cover the Fla law’s tracks on issuing gun permits to people who can’t even read

Bravo Mr. Foster! You just advocated bringing back Jim Crow laws to the Sunshine State!

Literacy tests were used to keep people of color from voting. These tests were administered at the discretion of the officials in charge of voter registration who made sure Black folks could not pass them and thus deny them from their Right to Vote. Now you come along and want to do the same thing with Self Defense?

You are vile scum, sir. You probably saw yourself as a valiant Knight of the Klansmen who observed a Black man with a gun and immediately concluded something bad was about to happen because Negroes with Guns are never up to anything good.

GTFO of my blog.

birth of a nation



2 Replies to “The one where I retract Benefit of the Doubt.”

  1. Apparently not “racist” or “anti-gun,” but saw a black man with a gun who, again, HAD NOT DONE ANYTHING, and concluded he was obviously planning to commit murder.

    As I already posted to his reply, he is literally just as bad as the women who call the police on a father watching his children at the park. Possibly worse. At least those women assume the law can handle it and don’t dirty their hands with by committing assault.



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