Trolling #NoBillNoBreak, and a fascist jumps out of the water.

Last night I can’t sleep, I am a bored and decided to go check Twitter. #NoBillNoBreak is trending and I figured I could do some trolling:

It took but a couple of minutes and the great and true soul of a Liberal/Progressive for Hillary was revealed:

Shaun Gains

Here is the constitutional genius behind the tweets.

Shaun Gains 1


I would say I caught him in a weak moment and he did not realize he was baring his soul and sharing his true core beliefs.

“I don’t have to respect your rights.”

That is what they think about us and anybody they do not deem politically pure according to their standards. It is him and his kind who will have no problem packing human being into the boxcars and sending them to the Gulag.

And that is why we own guns.

7 Replies to “Trolling #NoBillNoBreak, and a fascist jumps out of the water.”

    1. That he has the answers given to him by his Progressive Paymasters should say enough. He is far more interested in groupthink than freedoms.


  1. Happy birthday, Shaun. Do we have to celebrate your birthday like Dear Leader? Sing “Happy Birthday” like they did in “Office Space”? I’m just trying to get the routine down so I don’t end up in the Re-Education Camp. Not that I’d go, anyway, but, ya know…..



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