Armed Gay saves his life.

Via Pink Pistols.

A meet up between two men turned into a deadly shooting Sunday after one of the men allegedly held up the other, police said.The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. outside a Shell gas station on Snapfinger Woods Drive in DeKalb County, according to Channel 2 Action News.One of the men told police he was kidnapped by a man he “met up with for a sex act” and was forced at gunpoint to withdraw money from several ATMs.Police told the news station that when the attacker put his gun down, the driver pulled his own gun and shot his attacker once, killing him.No charges have been filed and police told Channel 2 the killing is being investigated as self defense.

Source: Blind date turns deadly after alleged kidnapping, robbery |

How dare he contradict the Narrative and refuse to be  victim? Didn’t he know his value to the cause as a bleeding, battered corpse?

He should be fined and drummed out of Gayhood!

/end sarcasm

2 Replies to “Armed Gay saves his life.”

  1. Not sure whether I feel better that women (or men posing as women) don’t have a monopoly on this kind of behavior or worse that men apparently do this sort of stuff, too.

    Either way, one less is a good thing in my book.


  2. “Snapfinger Woods Drive” in DeKalb County,

    A great name for the place to have a gay assignation.

    Afterwards, “Was it good for you?,

    “I give it a double snap, baby!”

    FF to :50



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