Dallas Police Killings: Again, hold your horses.

It is 5:30 am and officially in the regurgitating part of the news cycle. Other than 5 officers killed, 6 wounded, one suspect dead and 3 more in custody, we don’t know shit. 

Speculations are rampant and I won’t give into them. Two items are for sure:

This is the smartest Open Carrier in Dallas. Initially determined “person of interest” he had nothing to do with the shooting and by the time the tweet by Dallas PD came out seeking him,, it seems he had already gone voluntarily to the nearest officer to avoid confusions.

Smartest OC


And then, these assholes:Law Center to prevent gun violence Dallas


Just over an hour after the killing had began, while still a suspect is shooting it out with police, these fucking vultures come out to feed on the corpses of the fallen officers for their petty political purposes.



3 Replies to “Dallas Police Killings: Again, hold your horses.”

  1. I just hope they catch the racist, white supremacist, NRA member, Republicans that did this before the entire GOP convention turns into one giant police lynch-fest.



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