Still half off the grid.

A couple of days ago, I had an outpatient procedure and without going into details, all went OK but the post-op meds are not helping with the creative process. In fact, the last sentence took about 5 minutes of work to make it sound somewhat coherent.

I have plenty of material bouncing around my skull about the events of the last several days and a new insight on how medication may affect your ability do defend yourself. But right now, they all get put in the back burner until all the neurons decide to play along together.

Any complains, talk to J.Kb as he is in charge.



2 Replies to “Still half off the grid.”

  1. I had a similar experience after my emergency surgery two weeks ago. I’d try to compose sentences but then look at them and wonder what language it was written in. There was a Dilbert years ago where, after working 16 hour days for weeks on a proposal, the guy talks about how he had to interpret the magical language given to him by the monkey gods. I was just like that.

    Rest as needed. We’ll be here.



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