Helter Skelter Reiterated

Charles Manson associated the title of a Beatle’s song with his idea that Blacks when properly motivated and manipulated, “would lash out in violent crimes against whites. A resultant murderous rampage against blacks by frightened whites would then be exploited by militant blacks to provoke an internecine war of near-extermination between racist and non-racist whites over blacks’ treatment. Then the militant blacks would arise to sneakily finish off the few whites they would know to have survived; indeed, they would kill off all non-black.”

Now, Charlie’s plan was not to give the black community an upper hand for all those years of oppression so they could redress what happened to them. In fact, just the opposite: Manson believed that “Blackie” was stupid, easy to manipulate and once they killed almost all white people, they wouldn’t know what to do and would go to him to rule them and over the new empire. The Manson Family then proceeded to commit the famous Tate/La Bianca murders and tried to pass them as Black on White crime without success.

Now, with all the racial strife we’ve been having and the amazing amount of made-up crap coming out of Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers and other groups , one has to wonder if we are seeing the resurrection & remodeling of Helter Skelter. It is a great social engineering project: Create a false racial issue, magnify any event related to it by creating a false narrative (Watermelon juice and Skittles, Hands up – Don’t Shoot, etc) give them a modicum of moral “protection” (They can’t be racist because they are minorities, you are the racist for questioning) and send them out on the streets.  If there is rioting, great. If there is killing in either side, even better.

I know, Tin Foil Hat material, but damn if it does not rings a lot true.

Charles Manson, Black Live Matters Activist. California 1970
Charles Manson, First Black Live Matters Activist. California 1970


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