Everytown stupidly gloating about the Dallas Shooting.

Everytown Dallas Sniper

J. Kb already posted a great answer to the orgasmic celebration of death in Dallas by the Opposition. Yes, celebration because by genitally congratulating each other about how armed civilians could not stop Micah “asshole” Johnson they did not realize that they are also celebrating that Dallas PD with dozens of officers armed with sidearms and long guns could not do it either. In fact, they are unwittingly, celebrating the death of the five officers and crapping down on every law-enforcement officer that put his life on the line because they keep forgetting (or maybe it is on purpose) that Cops are also good guys with guns.

So basically Bloomberg, Shannon Watts and Members of Everytown and Moms Demand are the New White Panther Party or at least honorary members of the New Black Panther Party.

That is the kind of sick individuals that are allegedly working to keep you safe. Somehow, I do not trust their intentions.

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  1. As I posted to K.jb’s write up, the way to respond to an active shooter situation is to:
    1. Run
    2. Hide
    3. Fight.

    First and foremost, get yourself to a place of safety.

    Curiously, that’s exactly what the cops do during a firefight as well. Notice that they are all behind cars, walls, etc… And, getting to that safety is their first action. Only after getting into a position of relative safety, only then do they start to shoot back.


  2. Additionally, CCW is for the critical moments BEFORE police show up. Since police were the targets of this attack, it would be ill advised for a permit holder to start firing into a parking structure. Once again, permit holders respond correctly and the antis blast them for it.


  3. Their blind hatred is palpable. Are they saying it is preferable to have dead cops over a CCW ending it by chance?

    I’m sure ifa CCW happened to be in the right place at the right time they would have accused him of being a vigilante.



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