Ladd Everitt leaving CSGV to go with The Stockholm Syndrome Group.

Via Sebastian:

Ladd Everitt One Pulse

I wonder if George Takei knows he hired a Hate-Speech Generator for his group.  I checked their Facebook page and, surprise! It is a closed group!


One Pulse
Closed group? Isn’t that like going back inside the closet?

I am not even gonna try to join since I am probably in Ladd’s Shoot-On-Sight list. However, I might need a spy or two with a “nice” Facebook profile to collect juicy screen captures for the blog.

And as Sebastain also points out,  Pink Pistols and Operation Blazing Sword are more important than ever.


4 Replies to “Ladd Everitt leaving CSGV to go with The Stockholm Syndrome Group.”

  1. So George hired a guy who regularly endorses misuses of police services, i.e. SWATing, and also the physical assault of people who are engaged in a legal activity guaranteed by the Constitution?

    George used to be alright when he limited his efforts to LGBTQ rights and comedy, but this Orlando tragedy has severely unhinged him.


  2. So the guy who promotes the cause that enabled the shooting has been hired by a group named for the shooting to condemn the thing that could have prevented the shooting, in the name of preventing the shooting.

    Meanwhile, the Pink Pistols are working to stop shootings by teaching members of what the Left claims to be the most oppressed minority in the US (alongside muslims, blacks and women, though I doubt the Pink Pistols would ever turn away a black muslim lesbian) how to properly defend themselves, and they’re the bad guys?



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