Twisting the message on Rubio

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It has no middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and in it are lies and  the pit of man’s fears with nothing even resembling basic knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination and feelings. It is an area which we call the Liberal Zone.

A group of protesters had a sit in at the office of Florida Senator Marco Rubio to protest his “legacy of violence” and was tied to the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

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What was Senator Marco Rubio’s “legacy of violence” on this issue?  Rubio voted against the No Fly, No Buy Bill on Constitutional principles, aka Due Process.  That is violence according to the left, supporting the Constitution.  Pledging allegiance to a radical religious organization that murders gays around the world? What “legacy of violence” are you talking about… there’s nothing to see here.

Rubio’s “legacy of violence” is just another example of the Liberal re-definition of the word violence to mean “disagreeing with a Liberal or Liberal talking point.”  That’s what it was an “act of violence” to write Trump 2016 in chalk on a sidewalk on an college campus.

The underlying theme seems to be that if words and symbols can be connected to the collective trauma experienced by a historically oppressed or marginalized group of people, they “constitute an act of violence” (an opinion shared by 53 percent of the surveyed college students).

Of course, supporting the Constitution with a vote in the Senate is not violence.  But this idea has become so pervasive on the Left that both Democrats running against Rubio for Senate, Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson, have endorsed this sit in.

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This is collective insanity.  This is a political ideology that can’t the Radical Islamic forest for the terrorist trees, and thinks that defending the Constitutionally protected civil liberties of American Citizens is WORSE than shooting 100 gay people in a nightclub.

This we cannot abide.  The people of Florida, if you value your liberties, vote for Marco Rubio.  I think that just endorsing him over two liberals is in itself an act of violence.

We need out of this political Twilight Zone.

4 Replies to “Twisting the message on Rubio”

  1. Ask the “protesters” if they think due-process gets in the way like those idiot politicians they’re supporting do. Pass around forms they can sign to voluntarily give up their right to due process.

    Then arrest them, charge, convict, and punish them for literally no crime at all.


    1. Nah. If they’ve signed away their rights voluntarily, just arrest them and skip straight to punishment.

      “Charging” and requiring a “conviction” before punishment is part of that whole “Due Process” thing they want to abolish anyway, right?


  2. But… the Democrats also voted down a “no fly, no buy” bill. Why aren’t they protesting them? These people undoubtedly vote (D), so they’ll be more likely to listen to their constituents. These people will never vote for Rubio- even if he were to cave to them.



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