First they came for the black rifles

The notoriously far left wing propaganda news site conducted a poll where they showed a group of Democrats and Republicans 11 different guns and asked them which ones should be illegal.

Because, of course, our Constitutional rights should be decided by having a bunch of people decide what looks scary.

The poll was pretty much as you’d expect, Democrats were more in favor of banning guns than Republicans and the semi autos were more favored to be banned than the lever guns.

But what caught my eye was this:

Remington 700

When polled on the Remington 700, 42% of people thought it should be legal and 42% of people thought it should be illegal.  Only 26% of Democrats thought it should be legal.

The Remington 700 was introduced in 1962.  It is a push-feed bolt action rifle.  It is, by volume of sale, the most popular bolt action rifle sold, and  is, without a doubt, the most popular hunting rifle in North America if not the world.

The model above is a Remington 700 BDL with a synthetic stock and black oxide finish.  The synthetic stock and black oxide is a popular combination due to lower cost.

I can almost hear the 74% of pearl clutching Democrats who saw that black rifle with the big optic on it and shriek “Oh my god, look at that evil sniper rifle.”

According to Democrats, the list of “evil black guns” isn’t just AR-15’s and Glocks, but includes the most popular hunting rifle sold in America.

They said they weren’t coming for you deer rifles.  They are going to call them “assault sniper rifles” when they make you turn them in.

5 Replies to “First they came for the black rifles”

  1. Who are the manbabies saying the FLARE GUN should be illegal? What’s next, chemlights? Mylar blankets? Iodine tablets? Activated charcoal filters?


  2. The Remington 700 BDL looks quite a bit like my Savage. Black synthetic stock (better for damp Oregon weather), black oxide finish. The only obvious difference between mine and the one pictured is that mine has a sling instead of a bipod.

    But to the Democrats responding, that I’ve attached different accessories could very well be enough to spare mine and ban the one pictured.

    Just yet more proof of how many low-information voters have no idea how guns actually work.



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