Will Shannon Watts open her arms to this Mom Demanding more Gun Control?

The heartsick mom of Dallas shooter Micah Johnson is pleading for gun control in the wake of her son’s fatal shooting of five Dallas cops.Delphene Johnson said she didn’t “blame the guns” for her son’s senseless July 7 killings but called unrestricted access to high-capacity assault weapons and open-carry laws “messed up.” “You don’t need an arsenal. There really should be a limit. The type of guns for the military should not be made public,” the grieving mom and her husband James told TheBlaze in an exclusive interview that aired Wednesday. “We need gun control.”

Source: Dallas cop killer’s gun supporting mother wants new gun control – NY Daily News

I mean, she is hitting each and every Moms Demand/Everytown talking point to perfection. She could be a great spokesperson!

C’mon Shannon! Have a heart! She is also the victim of Gun Violence!


2 Replies to “Will Shannon Watts open her arms to this Mom Demanding more Gun Control?”

  1. The only thing “messed up” is this pathetic turd of a mother. Nice job raising a mass killer there. Oh, and her calls for gun control really should get zero attention given her proven stupidity and failure.


  2. Yay! Another “BUT” personality.

    All I’m hearing from her is, “I don’t blame guns for my son’s death, BUT, guns are to blame and they should be banned.”



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