My head hurts


The white viciticrat crybully and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King was inspired by the recent coup attempt in Turkey to say this:

King 1

Shaun King has come out against guns in the past, and is a dedicated member of the “penile inadequacy theory of gun ownership” fan club.

king 2

Black Lives Matter recently teamed up with other anti-gun groups to promote gun control.  Because EVERYTHING has to be about race in 2106, Marc Morial the head of the National Urban League said  “The [gun control] movement is too white, there’s no input from communities of color.”

Black Lives Matter claims that it is a peaceful organization and I am reminded by the media that #BLM is not responsible for  the violence that seems to follow it around.

Anti-gun groups such as the CSGV love to push the idea that the NRA and gun owners are mentally unstable and downright evil insurrectionists who want to own guns to take down the US Government.  They will tell you over and over and over again how millions of US citizens, armed with their deer rifles and semi-autos will be unable to defeat the US Army with its machine guns, tanks, and planes.  (Funny how my semi-auto AR15 is a “weapon of war” until I hypothetically go up against an actual military, then it suddenly becomes a useless pea-shooter.)

So I am totally confused how a honcho of a peaceful organization that calls for gun control is able to go all insurrectionist?

Oh that’s right, it’s not insurrection if his guy (or in this case woman) doesn’t win.

It is only insurrection if it is against your hack.  It’s only violence if it is against your people.  Guns are only for inadequate men if the gun owners are not politically aligned with you.  Citizens armed with only semi-autos and handguns will not overthrow a government if it’s your guy in office.

Funny how all that works.



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  1. This guy is a moron. It is difficult to counter his accusations because they are so childish.

    Let’s see what I can do…

    Actually a turkey baster is more phallic and functional than a gun unless you want to shoot the woman in her lady parts. Ouch!

    Firearms are used by a lot of women now for self-defense so he needs to explain himself about this truth.

    Personally, when I practice with my firearm it is with grim determination. I am not the slightest bit aroused. Rather, I do contemplate how I might one day need to employ it to stop a criminal threat or, gasp, to oppose a tyrannical & despotic government. Funny, a government run by the Hildabeast who is dead set on obliterating my Second Amendment rights as enumerated in the Constitution certainly seems worthy of a legitimate insurrection and the forceful replacement of such an abusive government as described in our Declaration of Independence.


  2. Assuming Trump wins, that means that ~50% of Americans are in favor of his presidency. (Thanks to multiple parties and the electoral college system it may be more or less, but every election that I’ve ever been able to vote in has been pretty close to 50%.) I would charitably estimate people in favor of throwing a violent tantrum in the case of a Trump presidency to be ~30%.

    Given the opinion that Shaun King and his kind hold with regards to firearms, it’s probably safe to assume that most of them do not own guns legally. Or illegally. It’s also reasonably safe to assume that most Trump supporters also support the 2nd Amendment and the NRA, and have at least one gun. Most will likely have the many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.

    So we’re talking maybe 5% of the American population taking on the military and an additional 45% of the population. Yeah, that’ll work.

    And that’s ignoring the fact that “elections” in Turkey are far from the democratic vision that term implies.


  3. It helps if you imagine a little switch inside their heads marked “D” and “R”.
    When set to “R”, Dissent is Patriotic, Authority is to be Questioned, and so on.
    When set to “D”, everything reverses.


  4. Lets just call BLM what it really is .. Black Liberation Movement … anew. Like the NEW Black Panthers. One Trick Ponies. After all these years, they got nothin’.



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