Once is an accident, Twice is enemy action.

To LEOs across the nation: Godspeed and Good Hunting.

And for those in shock about my words, may I remind you that there is another group of U.S. Citizens that has been vilified as much or possibly worse than cops: Gun Owners.

It won’t take long for somebody to think it will also be a good idea to come after us and that will be a regretfully mistake on their part.

There is 80 million of us.

About going gently into the night? Fuck that.

Buy ammo.


4 Replies to “Once is an accident, Twice is enemy action.”

  1. Just bought 2000 more rounds.

    They think they can poke the bear forever without consequence.

    We only want peace and to be left alone.

    Eventually, they will believe their own propaganda and try bans and confiscation and cross the red line that means something to us and they will ignite the Second American Civil War. They will lose big time as we push the reset button.


  2. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” – Ian Fleming; Auric Goldfinger in Goldfinger.

    That said, I heartily agree. Invest in metals. Lead, copper, and brass. I have nearly 10,000 rounds in various calibers, a great deal of it in .223/5.56 and 7.62×39.

    I pray desperately I will not have to use it. If I die shooting nothing more than paper, steel, and game, I will die happy.

    I’m not convinced that the left will actually embark on gun confiscation. A prerequisite is registration, and that’s a non-starter. The vast majority of the nation has no gun registration now, and I have no doubt that attempting to impose a registration scheme would meet with massive non-compliance. The New York SAFE Act experience is instructive; the Connecticut experience with their “assault weapon” registration is similar. And LA had no success getting their citizens to turn in illegal 30 round magazines. In fact, gun registration schemes historically have a very low compliance rate; the Australian model that Obama and Hitlery have endorsed in fact had relatively low compliance rates (the best estimate is 19%), and have resulted in a black market. I have little doubt that prosecutions for registration violations, at least in most of the country, would meet with regular instances of jury nullification. As well they should.

    I also have no doubt that attempts at confiscating firearms would get officers killed. I cannot speak for other jurisdictions, but in mine, I have no doubt whatsoever – none – that local law enforcement OVERWHELMINGLY would absolutely refuse to participate in any confiscation of firearms from the general public. It’s instructive that many New York sheriffs refused to enforce New York’s assault weapon and magazine laws, and this is in New York, not some redneck flyover state. Colorado’s experience was similar.

    I’m not sure at the end of the day they really want to put their rhetoric into action; gun control is red meat to the hard-core left, to be used as a motivator for the hard-core base in the primaries, but I suspect that the issue will fade away as we enter the general election, as it’s historically been electoral suicide. In governing, it will continue to be rhetoric, with little substance. For all of Obama’s rhetoric, for example, very little has actually changed (somewhat like congressional republicans treat the abortion issue). In the real world, except for the leftist enclaves of the Northeast and California, gun rights have been steadily marching the other way. That’s not likely to change. I am absolutely opposed to any further gun restrictions, and favor further loosening. No compromise – compromising with gun banners is like the robber only taking half of your cash, with a promise to return later for the rest.

    I’m more hopeful than many. But if the left really wants to register, ban, and confiscate, be warned: I, and millions like me, will not comply. Be very careful what you wish for.



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