They hate being polite.

Lefty Protesters are butthurt

If you are in downtown Cleveland you can literally throw a rock and hit a police [officer]. It’s very intimidating,” he says. “It certainly is chilling for First Amendment rights. ”Though the rage Trump inspires among his opponents is unlikely to dim, it’s unclear if progressive activists will see an uptick in participation in demonstrations as it becomes clear mass arrests and gun-involved violence are not happening.
Bresler isn’t optimistic.“Yesterday was going to be a bigger day than Thursday and I don’t know what’s going to happen on Thursday now in terms of size,” he says.

Source: RNC Protests Rage, but Anti-Trump Organizers Ask: Where Is Everyone? | US News

That first sentence alone tells you that there was a good amount of people wanting to go to the RNC to make trouble and not to exercise their right to free assembly. Only those who want to create mayhem fear police activity nearby. But still there are that group of idiots that seek to confront police while breaking  and setting stuff on fire and even attacking those who di not agree with them. So why the resistance to attend?


The organizer, one of the city’s most prominent, says “people contacted me saying, ‘boy I would like to attend but I’ve been hearing about all this violence and people bringing guns… and the huge number of police.’ People just did not feeling comfortable coming.”

And the answer is: There might be a good chance they would not get away with their brand of violence and they know it. And no, I am not buying the Open Carriers were stifling Free Speech as diverse groups like Code Pink, BLM and the KKK had their say… and in some cases apparently traded urine samples among each other.

The funny part is that “journalists” were following Open Carriers of both sides of the spectrum like puppies chasing after bacon. They were expecting to see the Narrative that says there would be blood on the streets and orphans mowed down by evil gun owners come to bear. And nothing happened.

However other “peaceful” groups did make the news by being arrested.

CLEVELAND (AP) — Police took about a dozen people into custody Wednesday evening as scuffles broke out during a flag-burning protest in the streets outside the Republican National Convention.It was the most turbulent protest since the four-day convention began on Monday. The chaos briefly prevented delegates and members of the media from getting into the Quicken Loans Arena for the night’s proceedings.Lt. Michael Butler said 10 to 16 people were taken into custody and would be charged.Two officers were assaulted and suffered minor injuries, police said. One officer was seen bleeding from his elbow. Carl Dix, a representative of Revolutionary Communist Party, said the group organized the burning of the American flag as a “political statement about the crimes of the American empire. There’s nothing great about America.”

Source: Police arrest protesters at flag-burning outside convention

And another group did manage to light a flag on fire and other protesters as well.

Moments after the flag was set on fire, officers charged in to put it out with an extinguishing spray that some in the crowd thought was pepper spray because of similarities in the design of the canisters and the eye irritation caused by the fire-suppression substance…

…“You’re on fire! You’re on fire, stupid!” a Cleveland officer shouted at a protester while firing the extinguishing spray.

“Burn that rag! Burn that rag!” supporters of the group yelled.

Police also said two officers were assaulted and suffered minor injuries.

Source: Police: Protester Lights Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn US Flag « CBS New York

And you know what I find funny as hell? Not that once again the ones that protested peacefully and did not get in trouble were the Gun Owners who Open Carried, but that nobody in the Media even gave a thought about those in the same area that might have carried concealed. You can bet there were more of those than the other variety. And they did not misbehave either.

You gotta love the Left and their self-induced bias.

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  1. Sometimes I think lefties must have facilitators to help them breed. Their words and actions frequently reveal them to be too empty-headed to accomplish the act themselves.


    1. Breeding is the one thing they’re actually good at, and we’re still better at it.

      (Republican households tend to have both more kids and more satisfying sex, and Republican men and women are the preferred sexual partners for individuals who have had both)



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