Lessons in futility

One of the common ideas you see in Social Justice feminism is that we (society) need to teach men not to rape.  We will be subject to laundry lists of ways to teach men not to rape.  If a woman say that teaching men not to rape won’t work or that women should learn to protect themselves, that is just victim blaming and cause for social outrage and ridicule.  God forbid a man who has never committed a rape, and is by all accounts a decent guy, says that he doesn’t need to be taught not to rape because he knows it’s wrong; the Social Justice media will go at great lengths to prove why that attitude means that he needs to be taught not to rape all the more.

Stop Rape

Let’s take idea this and cross the Atlantic with it.

The Norwegians  are currently teaching “do not rape women” classes to Muslim immigrants.  The German government is handing out flyers at festivals encouraging (presumably Muslim) men not to rape or sexually assault women in public.

Why won’t it do anything to teach men – especially Muslim immigrant men – not to rape.  Rape is a crime of sex and violence.  Studies show that rapists lack empathy for their victims.  There is some level of aberrant psychology that makes a rapist a rapist.  Most men are highly unlikely to commit a rape because they are psychologically well adjusted.

Psychology is a combination of biology and culture, nature and nurture.  In America, we generally look down on rape and rapists.  We send men to prison for rape.  However, within subgroups of the US, there cultures that cover up rape and make rape more normalized and rape statistics show that within these groups, rape and sexual assault is higher.  Take a man who is predisposed to being able to rape, and raise him in a culture that devalues women and covers up sexual assault, and PRESTO! you cooked yourself up a rapist.

Let’s, once again, take this across the Atlantic.

Start with a religion that teaches that women are worth less than men and that teaches that non-believers are worth less than believers, then add a culture that stones women to death for being raped, lastly add in leaders who say it is OK to rape non believers, and you have made the perfect rapist generating ideology.

This is not something that a couple of days of class can undo.  A quick look at rape statistics in Europe will show you just how well this tactic is working.  Not. At. All.

Rape isn’t the only issue Europe is facing.  Europe is under siege from terrorism as well.  In the last week we saw a shooting and truck attack in France and two shootings in Germany.  The list of terrorist attacks in Europe going back to 2015 is awful.  We are seeing an attack or two per week.

What is the European response?  Well, if teaching Muslim men not to rape is not working, how about teaching Muslim men not to commit terrorist attacks.

The big difference is, when this fails, as it wont to do, the Social Justice progressives in the US and Europe will do what they would otherwise protest: victim blame.  See, it’s not the fault of the Muslims, it is the fault of the French, or Belgians, or the French again that there is Islamic terrorism in Europe.  The British will blame the economy, although poor Sikhs and Hindus don’t seem to be shooting up Europe.  Even in the US, we are starting to see more and more domestic Islamic terrorism, and the US has always been the proverbial ‘melting pot’ when it comes to ingratiation.

We are seeing in real time how naive the idea that a few hours of classes could undo 1,400 years of history and culture.  We cannot expect a leaflet or freshman seminar to make a rapists no a rapist, or a terrorist not a terrorist.

We must understand that those who want to do us harm will do us harm regardless of what we have to say about it.  We must be prepared to meet force with force.  Don’t be a good victim.  For the women of the world, for the men and women of the United States and Europe, for decent people everywhere.  I will leave you with the unassailable words of Sgt. Major Basil Plumley.





3 Replies to “Lessons in futility”

  1. 25 years and several-odd bad relationships and I never truly hated women. I may have resolved never to *trust* them after the last one, but never hated them.

    Since mid-2014, feminism has taught me to hate women. Feminism’s constant and relentless promotion of misandrist policies and ideologies have drained away all of my empathy for women. Feminists pushing a narrative that false rape accusations are rare, and that you should always believe someone who claims to be a victim, have drained away my willingness to believe anybody who says she was raped. Frankly, after all of the affirmative consent talk I’ve encountered over the last couple of years, I’m more likely to vote against a conviction in a male-on-female rape trial, regardless of the level of evidence, because I know, now, that women lie, women hate men, and women will do anything they can to leave a man as a quivering wreck.

    So congratulations, Feminism, you did what an entire string of bad relationships couldn’t. You turned me into a misogynist.


  2. We’re just asking them to help with the teaching, that’s all. When a guy tries to rape them and catches a few 9mm rounds that will teach him not to rape women.



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