That is some special kind of stupid.

We are used to read about guns stolen from Law Enforcement vehicles.  Unfortunately it seems some members of the LEO community think their vehicles are immune to the failings of the common man when the opposite is true. But in this particular case, one of the stolen items made me do a double take and then engage in some serious head-desking:

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward to help retrieve an assault-style weapon, a handgun and other equipment that was stolen July 10 from an agency vehicle that was parked along the H Street corridor in Northeast Washington.

Authorities said that the vehicle — a Ford Expedition — was locked and that someone smashed a rear window and took a secured gun lock box. The agent reported the missing items to police about 7:50 a.m.; the FBI said they think the break-in occurred between 12 a.m. and 2 a.m.

The missing items include a Rock River Arms LAR-15 rifle, similar to an AR-15; a Glock-22 handgun; a holster; a collapsible baton; pepper spray; two boxes of .40 caliber ammunition; protective head and eye gear; and a black TruckVault gun box.

FBI issues reward for assault-style weapon, handgun stolen from agency vehicle -WaPo

This is one type of Trackvault, probably the simplest of them that can hold a rifle. Notice that it is not a flimsy container…and then think about it.


I think it is a fair assumption to make that the guns and the rest of the stuff where inside the Truckvault and that the fucking thing was not bolted to the gorramed SUV! What is the frigging point of having a secure box then? 

And it is not like the installation is such a problem. The boxes are designed with the hardware to fit and secure to any particular model and in the case of the Ford Expedition, it uses already installed factory bolts that are easy to access according to the installation instructions.

That is your taxpayer dollars at work.

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