The Wikileaks DNC Emails & Gun Control.

This first batch of emails do not have much but I did catch a couple of interesting things.

First is a series of talking points/ideas from the Libertarian candidate from Vice President Bill Weld.

Bill Weld Gun Control
The second seems to show that they had an operative inside the NRA Annual Meeting. Not unexpected since it was an open event.
wikileaks trump nra

On the same vein, I found a forwarded email from our dear Shannon Watts. It seems you need to be rich to fight the Gun Lobby or they better move out of NYC because the overhead is killing them. $500 donation or more?

Wikileaks shannon watts



And saving the best for last, it seems that the Brady Campaign is not quite in sync with the DNC, in fact apparently might be prejudicial.

wikileaks brady

I am gonna keep scouring until all the emails are released. It promises to be fun.

3 Replies to “The Wikileaks DNC Emails & Gun Control.”

  1. So if you vote Libertarian, you’re voting for a guy who likens kicking illegals out of the country… to murdering Jews in Nazi Germany.
    Oh, and he thinks Massachusetts’ gun control laws are just peachy.

    Why ever am I not surprised?


    1. The Libertarians have made it so you can’t even “conscience” vote for them this time around. It’s quite literally Trump or no one. Unless you want to write in your neighbor’s daschund.



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