We return to our regularly-scheduled Florida Nightclub shootings.

FORT MYERS, FLA. Two people have been killed and more than a dozen shot at a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, authorities said.As many as 17 people have been shot in the early Monday shooting at Club Blu, police Capt. Jim Mulligan said.Three people have been taken into custody and there are two active crime scenes, Mulligan said. Gunfire erupted outside Club Blu, at 3580 Evans Avenue, at about 12:30 a.m., where police found several victims suffering from gunshot wounds in the parking lot. Injuries ranged from minor to life threatening, Fort Myers police said in a statement.

Source: Fort Myers Club Blu nightclub shooting leaves 2 dead, others injured | Miami Herald

Teen party at a location known for adult entertainment: What could go wrong…again?

club blu 4

club blu 3

I have covered South Florida’s long and sad tradition of adult club shootings, so I am not surprised something like this happened again. And even with kids hurt, I predict this one will soon be swept under the rug of the news cycle.  Some stuff seems to be shady about the place such as advertising they are under new ownership:

club blu 6
Have regular advertising for Happy Hour:

Club blu 5


With a liquor license removed:

club blu


This one goes to the “Going to Stupid Places” file.

UPDATE: A friend living in Ft. Myers informed me that the area where the club resides is not know for being the good part of town.

UPDATE 2: It gets “better” and “better”. A swimsuit competition?

club blu 7

The only thing missing is the van with the “Free Candy” painted on the sides parked outside the club.

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