When even the Swiss ain’t taking chances.

The SonntagsBlick newspaper reported new statistics showing the number of applications increased by 17 percent last year over the previous year.The statistics from all 26 cantons showed that there were 29,146 applications for gun ownership made in 2015.All cantons with the exception of Jura in the northwest reported an increase. In most cases there was a double-digit jump in requests.Demand was highest in Obwalden (plus 49 percent), Lucerne (plus 34 percent) and Zug (33 percent).And the trend looks set to continue this year. Figures provided by the cantons of St Gallen and Basel Country showed gun sales there were up 30 percent already this year, the paper said.

Source: Terror fears trigger Swiss run on guns – The Local

Nobody can call the Swiss stupid or disconnected from reality. And you know they are a tough bunch when even the mighty Nazi machine decided it was better not to f*** with the tiny nation. And when a country who keeps an assault rifle and a can of ammunition in every home of anybody who served in the military decides it is time to go get some extra firepower, you best pay attention.

I am convinced we are not getting info on even a 5% of all the crap happening in Europe under the new Moor Invasion. When we get a glimpse is because some new attack or to find out that the initial narrative was a load of BS or toned down so as not to appear Politically Incorrect. The Swiss may be getting ready for what they perceive to be a full frontal attack.

And if they start blowing bridges, I’d revise any future vacation trips to Europe.

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  1. A few years ago, some pundit (Mark Steyn?) said we had five years left to see the great cities of Europe before the continent was lost. I’m not sure it was five years ago, but I’d say we’re there now. I would not go anywhere in Europe now, unless it was an unavoidable trip and I could avoid particularly dangerous place – like anyplace more than 3 or 4 people get together. Like you, I think we’re not hearing more than 5% of what’s going on over there.

    I expect open civil war within a year.


  2. Active duty and reserve Swiss troops do keep an SG-550 (which is a legitimate assault rifle due to it’s select-fire nature) in their homes. However, the government decided to phase out the practice of letting soldiers keep ammunition off-base. The rifle is in 5.56 though and from my research it doesn’t appear there’s a prohibition against keeping 5.56 ammo at your home if you have an SG-550. The government just doesn’t provide it anymore…

    You also get to keep your SG-550 after your military service, though your unit armorer has to “de-mil” it and take the fun switch out.

    The Swiss gun laws are strict, though once you pass their background checks, you can get pretty much whatever guns you want, save for select-fire which falls under an NFA-like law. Oddly enough they make no restrictions on barrel length or magazine capacity, unlike their neighbors in Europe. If you want an HK MR-556 with a 10-inch barrel and a 50-round drum magazine, it’s all yours. Suppressors are unfortunately restricted as well.

    Apparently the background check is done independently of the gun purchase. You fill out a form online, pay 20 francs, and they sent a certificate back in the mail and then you go to the gun shop and you can walk away whatever guns you wanted. I’m not sure if that means you can just throw down a million francs and buy the whole inventory, but the background check is decoupled from the gun purchase. The certificate basically says you have a clean record. It’s probably used for other things as well.

    Getting a concealed-carry permit over there is exceedingly rare, though. You’re really only supposed to tote your guns outside of the home if you are going to or from the range. And I guess if the SHTF, they really don’t care what you do as long as you pick up your gun and fight off the invaders.

    I got most of the basics from here:


    Oddly enough they forbid people from Sri Lanka, Albania, Turkey, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro to own guns in their country. I guess it’s akin to us screening out Muslims from gun ownership here.

    The Swiss have a lot of guns and aren’t afraid to use them. While their restrictions might not sit well with us, it’s about as good as it gets in Europe. They seem to focus on the person more than the gun.


    1. They are, but as I noted above, it’s kind of a myth that almost each home has an automatic weapon. Only active members of their military are permitted to take home their service rifle. And even then, they aren’t issued take-home ammo for it. And after their service is complete, they can either turn it in, or have it rendered into a semi-automatic rifle.



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