reflections of an 07

Hey y all. Been wicked busy with my “real” job. I will have some more chrome shop stuff for ya soon.

Mean while a few thoughts:  America, what does it mean to YOU? Think about this question before you answer it, seriously think.

The mass media hysteria is dominating everything and easily leading people astray so they miss what is really going on. Look around you, do you want to lose everything? This , whether we like it or not is a fight for America.  The ones in power want to stay in power and they dont give a royal rip about us. It is time to get involved, speak up. Back story- the state where I live has no helmet law for motorcycles, has for ever. Years ago,  some buddies and I were bullshitting and joking around after a ride. Some one brought up helmet laws and a guy said, “they will put helmets on us soon enough”.. RIGHT, with THAT attitude they will.. point? We can not sit here and whine and bitch and do nothing. Get out and talk to everyone. Stop watching the “news” most of all stop BELIVING  the news. No Trump is not a great choice..but whats the alternitive?  My only fear is he is a plant to ensure you know who gets in office. Remember the phone call?  Start in your local, got a mouthy dem? Vote them out. State senators? Vote them out. Stop letting dems get their way, speak out. For Gods sake, now we have people whining about the Gadson flag is “racist” because Gadson owned slaves.. start waving it!! Nuff said… out here.

Feel free to express your opinions. Trolling, overly cussing and Internet Commandos will not be tolerated .