A California initiative I can stand behind.

california divorce

Hell, I’d move to California long enough to vote. Notice that the do not say secession but “divorce” and I wonder if they think they are going to get some sort of alimony from the rest of the Union. They would be so disappointed when the rest of the States go F and U.  A thing to consider would be that the Texans would be less prone to secede if they are allowed to shoot illegal aliens from California. I figure part of the tax savings from not having a bunch of weirdos dictate commerce can be used to give federal grants to Lone Star citizens to enforce border security.

But knowing Texans, they would put a load of birdshot in the asses of Californians for free.

Anyway, if you live in the Golden State and want to add your name, go to YesCalifornia. Make sure you emigrate to Free America before the ax falls.

And do not Californicate in your new state.  You can be subjected to extradition.

6 Replies to “A California initiative I can stand behind.”

  1. This may be for the best. The blue states could tax and spend as much as they want, and we can (hopefully) get a government able to leave us the heck alone.


  2. I followed the link and mostly read the front page. Had to stop, felt brain cells dying.

    The tl;dr version: “California is so great that the rest of the country is holding us back!”

    Honestly, reminds me of so many CAians that I know. Heads so far up arses that they’re looking back out the other side.


    1. We need to encourage this line of thought.
      “Why, yes, you are all that and a bag of chips. Why don’t you go off on your own and leave us inbred flyover types to go to heck in our own way! Hey, see if you can get New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and those other little liberal states to go along with you, too!”



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