Everytown and MDA have posted the same quote by an ISIS fighter on their respective Facebook pages.

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ISIS scored victories against the United States and the West with the Pulse night club shooting.  Before ISIS congealed from the more nebulous body of Radical Islam, Islamism was the cause of the San Bernardino shooting, Ft. Hood shooting, and National Guard Recruiting Office Shooting, and others.

In each of these cases, the terrorist was able to legally buy a gun because they passed background checks.  We know that universal background checks won’t stop a law abiding radicalized citizen from buying a gun.  Everytown and MDA had caught on to this.  Now they are using ISIS’s words to scare us into gun restrictions.  Note how there is no call for background checks in their posts.

Using a quote by a terrorist to make us restrict our Civil Liberties seems like… helping the terrorist win.  Isn’t the purpose of terrorism to scare us into abandoning our freedoms and way of life?

Since Everytown and MDA are calling for a restriction of Constitutional liberties in the face of ISIS recruitment, may I make some other suggestions.

We know that ISIS uses social media as a recruiting tool.  There was no Facebook or Twitter when the Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment, lets shut those down.

Speaking of the First Amendment, we know that some Muslim scholars don’t like to play well with the West.  Let’s put FBI agents in Mosques to monitor what the Imams say and do.

If the issue of domestic terrorism gets really bad, Korematsu v. United States made it clear that it wasn’t a violation of the Constitution to inter Americans during a time of war under strict scrutiny.

I mean, if we’re going to violate people’s rights to keep us safe from ISIS, we KNOW what the profile is of people that join ISIS: Muslim men, age 16-45.  That is a lot smaller a group to deal with than the 150 Million plus law abiding US gun owners.

Then again, I guess that won’t fly with the people over at Everytown and MDA.  What we saw after the Pulse shooting and then again at the DNC and BLM (which totally supports Palestinian Solitary but has no problem shutting down Gay Pride)  is that gays are no longer the most protected class in Liberal America.  We also know that Liberal Democrats have embraced antisemitism as a party platform.  American Muslims and Muslim refugees are far higher up on the Oppression Olympics board than white gay man and Jews.  Even as Liberals complain about rape culture on college campuses, they want to bring in tens of thousands of Muslim Refugees, who we know are causing the rape crisis in Europe.

Maybe what we need to do is outlaw homosexuality, get rid of the Jews, and force women to cover up.  That way our way of life won’t offend the delicate sensibilities of ISIS and they will stop attacking us.  Why not have Obama just do one final Lame Duck executive order and declare the US an Islamic Nation.  Sure, that may be a violation of the First Amendment’s prohibition of the establishment of a religion (to be fair to Obama the 1A says “Congress shall not” which leaves the door open for the President to do so – I think Justice Roberts would agree with me on that), but it would really take the wind out of ISIS’s sails.

If we have to break a few eggs to make a safe omelet, at least break the ones that count.


Maybe we don’t let ISIS dictate American civil liberties.

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