Moms Demand: Keeping it classy.

Sorry to do this to you on a Sunday, but I figured we should have enough Men of the Cloth available in case some exorcism is required.

Moms Demand Kim Kardashian



And, of course, this needed to be done.

Moms Demand Kim Kardashian 2

When you are celebration the use of a Reality TV Show Joke for your cause, you may want to re-evaluate your strategy.

One Reply to “Moms Demand: Keeping it classy.”

  1. So Moms Demand thinks that picking a vacuous, superficial, narcissistic, sex-tape making charlatan who is famous for no other reason than that she is rich and large swaths of people are equally shallow and stupid is a good way to move forward? Go for it. What a great bunch of Moms!



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