Raining on your parade

The first US Olympic Gold Medal win was to Ginny Thrasher, 19, who competed in Women’s 10m Air Rifle.  Not just did she take the Gold, she set a new record in her sport for a high score of 208.8

This is impressive as hell.  It needs to be understood, that in most of the world where gun rights do no exist, Olympic shooters are in military or are part of their country’s national shooting team.  Their job is to shoot and win.  The Silver medalist in Woman’s 10m Air Rifle is China’s Du Li, 34, who was trained to shoot starting at a young age at one of China’s sports schools, which are essentially communist boot camps for creating Olympic athletes.

For an American civilian to beat them is really awesome.  Especially a 19 year old civilian.

Yes it is true that the US military sends shooters to the Olympics, but (and no disrespect is intended here) but members of the US Army or USMC shooting teams don’t do any better than their civilian counterparts.  The US’s most winningest Olympic shooter, Kim Rhode, is a civilian.

One of the great aspects of shooting, unlike other Olympic sports, is that is it less about pushing the body to its physical limits and relies much more on skill.  A gymnast or sprinter may get 2 Olympic games under their belt before they retire.  Kim Rhode took the Gold in her first Olympic game in 1996 and 20 years later, she hopes to take the Gold in Rio.

For a shooter like Ginny Thrasher, we can expect great things from her for years to come.

We should all be proud of Ginny Thrasher, and Kim Rhode, and a all US Athletes that represent of the best of America, especially those who bring home a medal.

The Left did not get that memo.  Then again, patriotism is not one of the Left’s strong suits.

Will Wheaton, that Social Justice turd, responded to Ginny Thrasher’s record breaking win by pissing in her Wheaties.


What a piece of shit this guy is.  If you can’t say something nice, it’s probably because Liberal Social Justice has corrupted your soul.

I know it is a little played out, but right now, I think it is appropriate.

I know that Piers “Musket” Morgan is British, so Thrasher’s win was not a win for his team, but the Olympics are about coming together in peace and all that.

But being a Liberal pantywaist, Morgan too had to be nothing but negative.


Where is Jeremy Clarkson when you need him?

USA Shooting responded to Morgan in Twitter.

usa shooting

But the US Shooting team is classier than I am, so I’ll post my own response:

Shut up you limey bastard.  When CNN canceled your show for being the lowest rated prime time news show on cable TV, you should have gotten the message that American’s don’t give two shits about what you have to say.  

And to the rest of the Leftist world, if you can’t put your politics aside long enough to support America’s Olympic athletes in shooting:

Fuck You!!!

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  1. “Shut up, Wesley,” indeed.
    I am proud to be a citizen of a country where a regular 19-year-old girl, who grew up hunting, and then shooting in high school, can win an Olympic gold medal. The coastal elites like Wheaton are really part of a different country than the one Ginny Thrasher– and the rest of us in the American gun culture– comes from. There are even Canadians whom I consider more my countrymen, because they are responsible gun owners and avid shooters, than the snobby elites like Wheaton. Punk.


  2. I was not familiar with Miss Thrasher until this, but extremely well done, Ginny! (Like I need to tell someone who just won gold and set an Olympic record that they “done good”).

    Meanwhile, I can’t resist pointing out I heard a reporter say that she won her gold in 10 millimeter shooting, not 10 meter! Good Lord, that’s close!


    1. The US hasn’t fared well in Olympic shooting.

      There are two reasons for that:

      1) Like I said in my post, most shooters from other countries are military and their job is to shoot Olympic style. In the communist countries, they start as youth cadets in military academies or sports schools and are trained from youth to be Olympians. It is very hard to compete against that.

      2) Olympic shooting is not really part of America’s shooting culture. How many people do you see at a range shooting a Olympic Pistol. In the US it’s IDPA, USPSA, SASS, 3-Gun, etc. In other countries where civilian shooting is legal, Olympic style shooting is one of the few target shooting styles allowed. It is sanctioned in European shooting clubs.

      I work in a building full of shooters. Many shoot competitively. I am literally the only person in the building that shot Bullseye, which I shot with a S&W Model 52. I tried 25m Standard and Rapid Fire and even have a Walther GSP, but in the whole of South Florida, couldn’t find a single shooting range that had a rapid fire pistol range.

      Notice how all the Olympic style pistols are European.

      We just don’t do Olympic style pistol. We do well in trap and skeet since there is a big trap and skeet culture in the US.

      Then all the winning Europeans come here and get blown away at USPSA and Steel Challenge.


      1. Agree, albeit US is hardly represented (if at all) in biathlon (rifles, dunno the caliber bc dont follow Olympic political nonsense), so that just speaks to the ignorance of all these “Because of COURSE” #GunSense drones lamenting that US is “good” at shooting. Anyone can be good given access and practice. That is, anyone can achieve and succeed provided their rights aren’t shat upon by govt.

        My favorite comment so far is from some degenerate gal on Twitter saying that perhaps next Olympics could have “de-escalating the situation” as an official event. I dont exactly know how a woman is supposed to effectively “de-escalate” a rapist’s violent advances. The old advice, IIRC, was for her to piss herself.

        Maybe THAT should be an Olympic sport.


  3. Piers Morgan and Will Wheaton had better STFU. Some day their life might just depend on the firearms skills and accuracy of a police officer or a Joe Average CCW citizen to save them.

    Will Wheaton should do so especially. I hear that muslims would be inclined to throw his sorry unpatriotic ass off of a tall building for his sexual perversions. He is an unhinged hoplophobe so reason and logic and real world data will not change his closed little mind.



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