Liberal Retardation

This is not a gun post, but I think it is relevant in today’s political climate.

I caught this story over at Twitchy.

Gigi Gorgeous is a transgender (male to female) fashion blogger, model, and YouTube star.  Recently she traveled to Dubai as a tourist and was detained at the airport for being transgendered and goes on to lament just how unfair that is.



Ms. Gorgeous is a victim.  Not so much of Dubai – she should have seen what happened to her coming – but of hard core, Left wing, Liberal idiocy.

I bet you she knows all about how hateful, bigoted, transphobic, religious extremist Republicans won’t allow her to use the ladies room in South Carolina.  But how in the hell does a professional transgender spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy tickets to Dubai, get a passport and a tourist visa, and not know that transpeople and homosexuals are detained and denied entry to Dubai, and can be imprisoned and even put to death if they are caught engaging in homosexual acts in the country.  The US State Department puts out travel warnings about this.

Not to long ago Dubai was in the news for imprisoning a Norwegian woman who was raped in the country.  Same thing happened to an Australian woman.  And a Dutch woman in the neighboring country of Qatar.

These nations may look like modern countries because of the oil wealth and built by slaves, but they are still culturally the same, backwards, Dark Ages, desert, Third World shit-holes they were a millennia ago.

Trust a Liberal not to know that.

I won’t travel there.  You can’t get in is you have an Israeli stamp in your passport, and they are even detaining people with “very Jewish” last names.  Saudi Arabia won’t even allow in Jews to work.  The only way I end up in a plane flying into a Arab country’s airspace is if I am aboard it delivering ordinance.  Then again, I’m not an idiot.

This type of stupidity is how someone like Obama can say “It’s easier to get a gun than a book” and have people believe him.  Because, these people live in a world where an ISIS shooting up a gay night club is evidence of Republican hate and global warming is the cause of rape by migrants in Europe.  This stupidity is dangerous.  Ms. Gorgeous should be glad she escaped with her life.

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  1. People here only know what the Media feeds them and are dangerously unaware of the realities abroad. Even Europe, the “example” of how we are supposed to be behaving according to our betters, is awash with violent discrimination against minorities and that was even before the Muslim invasion. You just don’t hear about it because their governments put pressure on the local media to ignore any event that might be minority-related.


  2. While it is true that “liberals” are the ones most likely to be blissfully ignorant of other countries laws and customs, this level of stupidity is not exclusive to the left. Many Americans are shocked to find out that behavior that is tolerated or at worst a cause for a minor fine back home can and does land you in a lovely cell with people who hate your guts and don;t speak english for an indefinite period of time (no habeas corpus, no prohibition against unreasonable bail, no right to counsel, no right to remain silent, etc.).

    Ms. Gorgeous should consider herself damn lucky that all that happened was that she was detained and denied entry. With the state of laws and culture in Muslim (yes I said it) countries, the outcome could have been much worse.


  3. “There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life” – Frank Zappa

    (I’m pretty sure he said this)


  4. A more cynical perspective on this would be it is a media stunt, because, as J. Kb pointed out, it is hard to imagine a “professional transgender” (or, to put it differently, someone partly basing their career on their gender change) would not research exactly that issue.

    It would be a gamble, but while they do stupid things in Dubai, they are usually aware of how media works (a survival trait if you consider that one of their strategies for when the oil runs out it tourism): As person with some kind of media presence, it is a good bet that nothing but a few hours of detention will come out of that.

    People have done much more stupid things for publicity. And reporting becomes pretty serious after the fact, because gambling on the possibility detention and actually experiencing it are two very different things.


  5. This smells staged to gain support for transgender causes. The whole detention thing was planned out way in advance hoping for public reaction.

    They even WANT Conservatives like you to recirculate it so they can continue to get attention regardless if it’s positive or negative.


  6. (Continue off first post) I posted it twice to keep it short because most people only use smartphones and can’t read very much because of the small screen estate.

    NO your message won’t hurt them one damn bit! If anything they are glad you are saying something nasty against them so they can continue to spread their *right wing extremist* hate.

    By not giving them attention it deprives them of what they need and it’s like cutting off oxygen to a grease fire. You can’t put water over a grease fire.

    I encourage ALL Conservatives to be firefighters and put out the flames! Remember. Hurry and drive the fire truck! [youtube



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