EDC Knife: probably the most used tool of the kit.

Via Sean Sorrentino, I caught this truly scary video.

“Give me a knife.”

Those are words that should never have to use. If your Every Day Carry kit does not have a knife (or two), it is time for you to get it.

These are my EDC knives:

EDC Knives

Non-Negotiable-will-carry every-day knives:

Top Center: Swiss Army Trekker. I’ve been attaching a Swiss Army knife to my keys for the past 35 years, that way I know I can’t leave the house without a knife unless I forget my keys. The original multitool that never goes out of fashion. I can’t count the number of times I have used a Swiss Army knife to get myself out of a situation, repair or emergency. I upgraded to the Trekker because the main blade actually locks open and is one-hand operation.

Top Bottom: Boker Wharcom Subcom: This is the one that gets used the most. Opening boxes, cutting stings, rope, etc. Small enough to go almost undetected and most HR people will not scream bloody murder and say you are violating the No Weapons policy at work. But make no mistake, it is a well-built little knife that will come handy if SHTF. (Notice that I did not provide a link for this one as they are apparently that specific model not being made anymore. If you find one new or used in real good shape out there in the wild, let me know!)

Both of these knives are always with me.

“Social” Use Knives”:

Left: Kershaw Fatback. Drop-point blade and fits great in my hand. Great assisted opening that in NY might be considered a switch blade. If dressing code does allow good cover, this baby is coming with me.

Right: Kershaw Leek. Slim and also a drop-point blade. If the dressing code is more strict, you can easily hide this one and no one is the wiser. Also lightweight so it can go inside a short’s pocket or shirt without giving that “What the hell you have in that pocket?” baggy look.

I also carry a CRKT fixed blade and a Cold Steel tomahawk in the truck, both within easy reach from the driver’s seat. You never know if you can reach your EDC in cases like the one in the video and need to cut the seat-belt and egress the car in a hurry or use them to get somebody out.

As always, be mindful of your state and local laws about knives, but please do carry one!

Update: As suggested by reader Guy, follow Gibbs’ rule #9:

Gibbs Rule 9

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  1. Rule No. 1 of growing up driving in Miami: have something in your car to bust out a window in case you go into a canal.

    I have a Zak Tool window punch in my center armrest (http://www.zaktool.com/windowpunches.html), a Gerber axe in the driver’s side door pocket, and a 4-D cell Maglight LED with a bust-a-cap (http://www.bustacap.net/) in the passenger side door pocket.

    Of all the them, I think the Bust-a-cap is the best choice for everybody. A bright flashlight is invaluable and it is the easiest to use.


  2. I always hate these edc posts, many of them are people that want to seem like they’re strapped for the apocalypse. Like I’ve seen some really stupid pictures almost as silly as a full size 1911 + spare mag, an ankle/backup gun + spare mag, like 15 different knives, a ham, and some chuckie cheese tokens.

    How people manage to carry all that shit with them is beyond me.

    Sorry for the rant, but alien gear Facebook posts edc’s and I honestly don’t believe anyone carries in their pockets the same amount of junk cops do on duty belts.


      1. Saw a post the other day with a pair of lockpicks, it’s like conceal carry badges are stupid but let’s carry lockpicks everyday


  3. And to think I used to believe I was weird for carrying 3 or 4 knives every day.

    1 of my knives is always a Stockman style. People just never seem to equate them to anything but their grandfathers, so no problem in most places. Every so often I’m tempted to carry my grandfathers Barlow, but it’s going to stay in it’s case until my will is read.


  4. I always carry a medium/large knife and have since childhood. As I’ve gotten older I carry a Swiss Army Pioneer on a pocket clip for those times I need a ‘socially acceptable’ knife. Very few people raise a stink over a knife that their father/grandfather/kids carry whereas my assisted open knife makes at least one wary head in the crowd turn when it opens.

    Either way, always follow Gibb’s rule #9: always carry a knife 😉


  5. My comment when asked the question “Do you have a knife?” has always been “Do I have my pants on?” Carried one since I was given one at the age of 5 by my Grandfather, as a sign of now being responsible. And being the old curmudgeon that I am now, I really don’t care WHO is ‘offended’ by it; grow a pair or leave…..


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  7. New York State recently clarified their knife laws so that “assisted opening” knives, and knives that can be opened by centrifugal force are not to be considered “switchblades” or “gravity knives”: https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2015/S6483

    It has yet to be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, but everyone expects that he will sign it. Even the New York Times has come out against the old definition and how it was warped into a way to catch people with common, everyday knives that don’t fit the actual technical and common sense definitions.

    Oh, and I carry a Camillus US Army pocket knife everywhere I go, unless it’s expressly forbidden to have any kind of a knife.



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