Moms Demand, Fl : #NotOneMore, #SaveTheMurderers

Once again, the perils of jumping the gun (pun very much intended) when pushing for a Gun Control Agenda.
Moms Demand FL Raod Rage

Another tale of unhinged Floridians mowing down innocent people in the streets because they took umbrage at a traffic dispute, right? Maybe not.

A convicted road rage murderer was killed Wednesday after getting into an altercation with a driver in a separate traffic incident, Florida officials said.Gary Lynn Durham, 40, who served 11 years behind bars for killing a man in a 2001 road rage dispute, got into the confrontation with motorist Robert Padgett, 42, at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday in Plant City, Florida, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said.
“They were going back and forth in a road rage incident, and the shooter reportedly had tried to avoid and evade him, and at some point, the deceased guy ended up getting in front of him and stopping in the middle of the roadway and getting out and came back and confronted him,” Larry McKinnon, a spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, told NBC News. Padgett then fired at least one round from his semi-automatic handgun. He then administered CPR on Durham while waiting for deputies to arrive, officials said. Durham later died.

Source: Convicted Road Rage Killer Gunned Down in Florida Traffic Dispute – NBC News

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Note to Chryl Anderson,  ‎Florida Chapter Leader at Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: It would be a good idea to pause before posting an article that will backfire later on. It kinda makes you look dumber than usual. Basically you stated the Moms Demand Action support convicted murderers….wait, you are not doing that for real, right?

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  1. Not sure if you’re right on this one, Miguel. I mean right on whether MDA will regret any misinformation once the facts are evident.

    “It would be a good idea to pause before posting an article that will backfire later on.”

    There is no downside for MDA or any other zealot anti-group as such jumping the gun, as long as it follows their narrative. There will never be a correction or retraction. No editorial or counter dialogue will correct the damage. The NY Daily News could print a front page headline saying the same, lie by omission but the theme and narrative will still be in the public’s eye.

    It’s kind of the Goebbel’s lie: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    See! Nothing can escape! The Humungus rules the Wasteland!


    1. There is no doubt that their zealots will not bother to check further, but I am not aiming at them but to those who are not deeply involved and are still open-minded. Seed a smidgen of truth in their bullshit and watch them lose ground.


  2. This is a comment I found on the Facebook Moms Demand Action – FL page justifying the road rage actions of the deceased, blaming the law abiding population for such high rates of recidivism due to our supposed lack of forgiveness and valuing an aggressor’s (proven) life more than another citizen’s life/safety…

    Chryl Y Anderson: Remember that Durham served his time. We cannot continue to hold past discretions against folks who have paid their debt to society. This is just one reason for the recidivism rates in our system. At some point, we must accept their return to society. There is nothing in this story that says that Durham did anything illegal. His life is just as valuable as the life of anyone else on the scene.

    I must be living in opposite world because this is just backwards… So according to the poster, the law abiding populace needs to fully accept the ex-criminal and their past actions until the ex-criminal performs some illegal action. Only then can the law abiding populace react to stop the threat up to but not including death. ??? WHAT ???



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