Remain Vertical and be Vicious.

Found this via JD Kinman in Facebook:

Stomping is the convenient way to inflict maximum bodily harm without having to carry a weapon…because the weapons are always present: Pavement/hard floor and a foot. And to add to the manure pie, if you were to defend yourself with deadly force, unless there is surveillance video available, you will have a tough time trying to defend your actions in court explaining why you shot an “unarmed” person who was just on his way to church to take care of senior citizens in wheelchairs. If you expect that the buddies of the attacker who had no problem using their phones to record and celebrate the beating will come forward after a sudden attack of morality, you will be spending countless nights on a county hard cot while your bail is being gathered by your family.

I think we may seriously need to think about carrying our own Body-Cam.

Anyway, when was the last time you read Principles of Personal Defense? Time for a refresher.

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  1. As soon as the tech is there to comfortably and inconspicuously carry a durable, always-on, wide-angle bodycam, I will certainly do so.

    The trick is the “always-on” part and data storage. The latter is th biggest hurdle. Remember, on-body data storage can simply be taken by an aggressor, whether they be private citizen or LE. In both cases, the evidence then becomes useless for your legal support.

    There needs to be a system in place that allows for automatically uploading a live feed the moment you toggle the action, and the service has to have the bandwidth to handle high-quality or HD video/audio as well as a cost that doesn’t preclude most people actually using the thing. I’d pay $15/month for something like this (perhaps measured in “hours” of uploads, say fivf or so per month), perhaps tethered to my phone/plan. Other recording can be saved locally or on your handset, but in emergencies, there HAS to be a live upload/remote storage mechanism to make this useful.

    I’m surprised Apple/Google/Samsung haven’t been working on this publicly. In the tech rumor mill, there’s not even any
    indication they’ve been working on it privately.

    The advent of live-streaming platforms like Periscope et al. are going this way, but it really will require a dedicated hardware device that isn’t your phone. It’s only a matter of time, but it won’t be widespread until “5G” cell networks are deployed.


    1. There are several body cams in Amazon that links to your phone via wifi. But mostly it seems for setting up the camera and they do not have a lot of memory. One says it uploads to iCloud or Youtube, but only on command and after the clip is done. … and the picture quality does not look good, specially night time.
      So yes, we need technology to advance.



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