Paul Lathrop is back with us!

All charges dropped!
Paul Lathrop
And at the risk of being trite, it could not have happened to a better guy and gal because Susan, his wife, went through hell herself.
I do urge you to listen Paul’s story over at the Handgun World Podcast. I am halfway through and I am madder than a PETA Vegan at a BBQ competition. One of the themes is a “favorite” of this blog: Prosecutorial misconduct.

The whole case is a grim reminder that sometimes (more than it should) it does not matter if you are a good guy and acted the right way, but some people out of Ego, spite and the need to fulfill a political ambition will make life for the righteous a living hell.  The case also showcases why our gun community a fearsome power to contend with: We will help each other and accept nothing short of victory in favor of the good guy.

Now scoot and go listen to the interview.


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