That is going to be a quick class.


The NFL has added gun ownership conduct and safety to its annual social responsibility training for players. Per’s Jane McManus, the NFL “pared down and changed” elements of the social responsibility training and added videos—including showing “a drunken driver swerving a car all over the road”—with players being “asked to discuss” afterward.  The gun conduct portion came about following an offseason in which Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib suffered a gunshot wound to the leg in June and former New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Will Smith was murdered in April.

Source: NFL Includes Gun Ownership Conduct in Players’ Social Responsibility Training | Bleacher Report

This is The National Felon League we are talking about. The class should go something like this:

(Undisclosed NFL team at an undisclosed training camp.)
“OK people, settle down. Before I begin with the Guns Social Responsibility and Safety, I want to see a show of hands of who is a felon, has been convicted of  misdemeanor domestic assault or is a regular user of drugs….Come on… raise ’em. OK, simply put, you can’t have a gun nor be anywhere a gun is or even ammo or you get arrested and we will kick you out of the league. You can leave now…..(couple of minutes pass) The three of you come sit up front and let’s get the rest of the class started.”

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2 Replies to “That is going to be a quick class.”

  1. Yep. I remember a Super Bowl a few years ago where, between the two teams, there were 28 convicted felons. (Mostly domestic violence and DUI, if I recall.)
    I suppose the NFL has a purpose, in that it gives employment to roidheads who otherwise would be sticking up convenience stores, but I decided a long time ago that it doesn’t need my money or my patronage. Now I have much more free time on Sundays.


  2. I’d like to see the content of the course. I will assume that, after two identical incidents resulting in a guy shooting himself in the leg (and publicly claiming otherwise because it’s so embarassing), the NFL will explain that their mega-millionaire athletes should — in addition to investing in a quality firearm — invest in a quality gun belt and holster.



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