The Forest Whitaker Eye:

I saw a comment about the first in Facebook and I could not believe it. I went to their site and it was actually worse.

vegan 2

Er… I have no words.

vegan 1

Dear Jesus in platform shoes. How can these people breathe without written instructions? They have no idea how food get to their tables! I am willing to bet that they think tofu grow on trees and comes already packed.



Hat Tip Chad G.

5 Replies to “The Forest Whitaker Eye:”

  1. Since when do sheep die from being shorn? But if they do, I can haz lamb chops while dressed warmly.

    Since when do chickens die from laying eggs? But if they do, then I can haz fried chicken and eggs.


  2. Idolatory. They worship the creation, not the Creator.

    Putting animals and the Earth above humans shows they are the damned.

    When you reject God, all priorities are upside down.



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