Venezuela: Repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators crowded the streets of Venezuela Thursday in a test of strength between its government and opponents seeking a referendum to remove President Nicolas Maduro…

…Police deployed in their hundreds to keep apart anti-government protesters angry at food and medicine shortages from Maduro’s supporters who vowed to defend his “socialist revolution.”

Source: Massive protests are filling Venezuela’s streets | Public Radio International

Another massive protest… that will achieve nothing. This has to be the fourth of fifth “march for freedom and justice’ done since the Bolivarian Revolution became the official cancer of Venezuela.

I see the picture above and my mind goes straight to this:

sheep streets

The only difference is that the ones in the second photo are better fed and medically taken care.

These idiots still believe that “peaceful” marches will suddenly change the hearts of an entrenched bunch of tyrants and will allow power to be shared among the People to bring liberty and perhaps even food. They still have not figured out that you cannot use pacifism against an enemy that has no morality.

Gandhi stalin

At least both sides in Venezuela agreed on something early on. Chavez got himself a law that even the Opposition applauded and considered a great thing to curb the violence in Venezuela: The Disarmament Law. So comparing the marching idiots with sheep being led to the slaughterhouse is not an insult.



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  1. There are two options for Venezuela: invasion by US forces and restoration of a capitalistic democratic republic or the Romanian option, wherein thousands of people fight back and sacrifice themselves marching into the muzzles of the machine guns. Option 1 ain’t happening and option 2 is not possible because most every venezolanos I have ever met is a big pussy.



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