Another EDC Post

According to polls, most people believe that there is a correlation between video game violence and gun violence.

Moms Demand Action claims that video games are influencing young people to buy and use guns.

The link between video game violence and gun violence may have been debunked, but I think playing video games has really influenced my choice in EDC.


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  1. Fully debunked insofar as increased crime. But there’s little question that “good guys with guns” in movies and shows and games “influence” some youngsters to learn more about guns. And that’s good. Absentee parents ought not to bitch and complain when their little clone doesn’t grow up to be the liberal robot they were hoping for. It takes real dedication day in and day out to brainwash a kid into thinking he’s worthless.

    Now if only we could trick #GunSense into supporting Titanfall’s Smart Pistol, we’d be in business.


  2. The question of whether violent video games cause violence is basically the same as the question of whether sexually explicit video games cause rapes.

    It turns out that ready access to sexually explicit entertainment causes a significant dropoff of *all kinds* of real-world sexual activity. Which is why Japan is currently in a population crash, which is going to be hitting the West inside 20 years, likely closer to 10 years. We’re actually in the first stages of it NOW, and while there may be a way to reverse the effects currently, there won’t be for long.



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