Dear Young Liberals

Watch this video:

Each and every one of these kids knows nothing about guns.  Nothing.  Nothing. At. All.  It is evident from what they say.

But let me call specific attention to the red headed girl in the aviator glasses.

She claims “I grew up in a household with guns.  I was shooting skeet…”  Whatever.

Psychologists and black people will tell you, if you claim not to be racist because you say you have a black friend, guess what?  You are racist.

The “I grew up shooting skeet/plinking with a .22/hunting with my grandpa but I don’t think people should have handguns/AR-15s/assault rifles/high capacity mags” argument is the gun rights version of “I’m not a racists because I have a black friend.”  Guess what?  You are an anti gun idiot that knows nothing about guns.

I know it.  You know it.  Don’t bullshit me.



P.S.  You are also a racist.  Just so you know.

7 Replies to “Dear Young Liberals”

  1. It’s both amusing and frustrating to hear an anti-gunner fall back on the “I grew up around guns…” argument. Ok, so your family had a firearm or two that maybe you shot a couple of times growing up. Big deal. That doesn’t give you carte blanche to tell the rest of us what guns we should own.



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