Better answer for muskets

Twelve year old Aryanna Gourdin is a hunter, who along with her father, went to Africa on safari.  She shot and killed a giraffe.  All of it a legal hunt.  She posted the pictures to her Facebook page, and in doing so, ignited the wrath of the anti-gun and anti-hunting lunatics.

She is doing a good job of culling the threats and abuse from her wall, but over at the IB Times and Independent, the comments are rife with people who want this girl to die, be murdered, or kill herself.  Because that is exactly how reasonable adults should act…

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Aryanna and her father were interviewed by Piers “Muskets” Morgan.  Morgan, never missing the chance to be a real despicable piece of shit, asked:

“How would you feel if I came to your house one day and I hunted down your pet cat and I killed it and I then posted pictures of me celebrating the slaughter of your pet cat?”

You can watch the video to see Aryanna and her father’s response.  Had I been doing the interview, this would have been my reaction:

“If you broke into my house with the intention of doing me or my pets harm, I would shoot and kill you on sight, the way I would any other home invader.”

Stick it right back in his craw.  What I find so mind blowing about all of this is the number of people that openly threaten a family that takes owns guns and uses them together.

Also, the headline of the Daily Mail article about this is: ‘What if I killed your pet cat?’ Piers Morgan infuriates an unapologetic 12-year-old trophy hunter by asking how SHE would feel to lose an animal she loved.

Wow, British journalists.  I’m so glad that you have decided that when worst media personality in the UK (who was so bad he was fired by both the BBC and CNN for being unpopular) bullies a 12 year old girl, you were going to make Piers Morgan the hero and the 12 year old girl the villain.  Way to go assholes.

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  1. If Piers Morgan views hunting that way, I sure hope he’s a vegan, because livestock are closer to pets than anything hunters ever shoot. Your readers who grew up on (or possibly still live on) farms may well remember growing attached to a particular hog or chicken, only to realize just why you’re not supposed to name them.

    I can assure anybody here that those farmers care more for their livestock than Piers Morgan has ever cared for any pets he may have owned, and until he can raise a puppy of his own to adulthood, then slaughter and eat it himself, he has no business criticizing the people who raise the meat that ends up on his table.



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