Genocide Chic

Jet Blue has begun commercial flights from Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Cuba.

CBS News went completely up their own ass with the headline about this: Brace yourself, Cuba, the Americans are coming.

What. The. Fuck! CBS?  Really?  REALLY?

Systematic human rights violations.  Firing squads.  The most repressive regime in the Western Hemisphere.  Torture.  Political Reeducation.  Genocide.  An economy that hasn’t progressed since 1959.

No.  The real problem that Cuba faces is fat, white Americans who are going to show up in Crocs and fanny packs, wanting to buy cigars and rum, and ruin the island.

Taimarie Locke wanted to be on the first flight so she could see Cuba as it is now — “while it was still raw” — before the rest of America arrives.

Do you think there will be a special tour for Taimarie Locke, where she can see the wall where the woman who help raise me growing up (my mother’s best friend and practically a second mom to me) father’s brother was shot for voicing a pro-American opinion?  Maybe she’d like to see where Che had so many of Cuba’s suspected homosexuals murdered?  Maybe she cold take a selfie at La Cabana, where Che had the children of suspected dissidents shot to make an example of them.

Is that “raw” enough for her?

Maybe she can tag herself in a photo with some Cubans in forced labor (which includes their free clinics – I guess healthcare is free when it’s done by slaves).

What a worthless fucking piece of shit Taimarie Locke is and the rest of the people over at CBS are.  Yes, I hope she read this, and yes, I would tell her in both English and Spanish that she is a compete fucking piece of shit to her face.

You can’t read an article about tourism without reading about how terrible American tourists are.  You want to know what is really, truly, the epitome of an ugly American tourist?  Some pile of human garbage that wants to witness human suffering, oppression, and tyranny, where tens of thousands of innocent people have been tortured and murdered to keep a political regime in power, all because it’s “authentic.”

What a vile puddle of patchouli soaked pile of pig shit.  Fuck her and the people at CBS too.

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  1. To be fair there’s some completely unspoiled wilderness areas there that even scientists have barely been able to touch, nevertheless tourists. She might be talking about visiting those before they get trampled on too much.

    Ok…I doubt it.


  2. Most of these types have read or watch the ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ but not any of the others where Che shows his blatant racism and narcissism. Of course the Cuban diaries got so heavily edited due to all the unpleasant revelations about their national hero that it reads like one giant Soviet prop. piece. .



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