Bloomberg Going Black Lives Matter to fuel Gun Control.

The stats collectors at GVA scrape their numbers from news reports and law enforcement feeds; the official federal counts, and their racial breakdowns, will be slower to arrive. But the established pattern offers a safe prediction: Roughly 50 percent of those killed will be shown to be men of color, who make up just 6 percent of the population. The disproportionality carries over to victims of the police shootings that fuel a vicious cycle that leaves the residents of some city neighborhoods trusting street justice instead of law enforcement. When a single summer day in an American city can conclude with 30 people shot, you begin to comprehend how it can be that Black, Male America, if measured as a distinct nation, would have the second highest homicide rate in the world.

Source: Gun Violence Fuels Another Bloody Summer in America

Ah! Nothing like stirring racial disharmony and a “Fuck Da Police” attitude to get more people dead and being able to claim the urgent need for gun control. I figure at this rate, Bloomberg will end up giving away cash so minorities can buy a gun illegally even though he is on the record saying that minorities should not own guns.

By the way, I found this great site with the murder stats of Chicago detailed in a great way. Did you know that Chicago PD’s homicide clearance is just 19.3%? That is 8 homicides in ten go unresolved or that you have an 80% chance of getting away with murder in the Windy City.


3 Replies to “Bloomberg Going Black Lives Matter to fuel Gun Control.”

  1. is an amazing site – while it is funny, it’s serious stat collection and presentation work.

    It’s pretty clear who’s doing the assaulting and who’s being assaulted – gender, race, locations, weapons, clearance rates, etc.

    You need a FOID card to own a gun in IL – I’d love to see the stat of how many of the folks making the hit parade have FOIDs – my guess is pretty much 0.


  2. When it coms to BLM, I think blacks (and here I’m speaking only of those who openly wish to be lumped into such a meaningless group rather than wanting to be treated like individuals) are closer to the “I need a gun to protect myself from racist cops” side of the #GunSense debate than they are the “Only police and military should have guns” side. If not, they haven’t been paying attention.

    Which would also be unsurprising.

    But I tend to think Uncle Bloombucks has an uphill battle convincing these folks to trust LE with unrivaled deadly force. BLM is mostly about state aggression, not private citizen vs. private citizen. I can think of dozens of BLM “cases” that are based around police action, but only one based on the actions of a private citizen.

    Anyone who considers themselves a BLM advocate should be aware that civilian disarmament will not make cops less apt to kill people for no reason.


  3. You would be correct, along w/ CCW holders. And those who are committing the crimes usually get off w/ probation or reduced charges. The CPD is down over 20% manpower currently w hundreds more listed to retire over the next year. Watching the talking heads contradict themselves w/ ‘we need more police’ in one breath and ‘police are killing us’ the next is entertaining.



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