Joan Banks lies because she can.

But instead, our legislators have decided to follow other states into a maelstrom of unintended consequences without due diligence about the results. As of 2015, 10 states are repealing or scaling back their stand your ground laws. They’re daunted by an increase in homicides deemed justifiable in their states while homicides have decreased in states without stand your ground legislation. They’re concerned about the safety of police officers. They’re concerned about studies that have shown that stand your ground often has a racial bias.

Source: Joan Banks: Veto on ‘stand your ground’ should stand | Columns |

When this article popped up in my notifications, I was surprised. I consider myself pretty much informed on SYG news and never even had an inkling this was happening. I did a search for articles and legislative works to repeal SYG and found…. bupkis.

The closest thing? Just the opposite in Michigan where the Governor vetoed the SYG law passed by the Legislature and they were trying to reverse the veto, something I was already aware. Then, it came to my caffeine-starved brain that is 10 states were seriously “repealing or reversing” SYG laws, every Gun Control group would be chanting loudly about the reversal of direction in Social Media, something that has not happened. Maybe what Ms. Banks defines as “repealing or reversing” is the bills against SYG that keep getting introduced at states legislatures at every single session and go nowhere every single session. The Michigan bill I mentioned above had only four sponsors and is collecting dust and spider webs, not quite the tsunami of change that the article seems to mention.

Once again: If your cause is righteous, why lie?


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  1. This is some serious ridiculousness from that piece:

    “Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Ahibrand wrote, ‘If SB 656 becomes law, we can no longer take guns out of the hands of violent persons.'”




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