Saratoga PD allied with Moms Demand, ride the NSSF’s coattails

Bearing Arms called attention to a news item in which the Saratoga PD stated that the National Sports Shooting Foundation had partnered with Moms Demand to distribute gun locks. Bob Owens contacted the NSSF and they were adamant that in no way, shape or form associated with MDA which is no surprise after the relentless attacks by Shannon and her minions on them.  Bob also asked the Saratoga PD about it on their Facebook page and the answer is surprising.


Moms Demand Action partnered with the Saratoga Springs Police Dept. to distribute these locks at the Saratoga County Fair.


Well, how frigging nice of them! Gun locks provided by the Gun Community and manufacturers which are donated to the local police departments to help citizens secure their guns from kids are used to make political brownie points by Moms Demand with the help of a Taxpayer-funded Saratoga Police Department.

You’s think Moms Demand would have enough money to buy the locks on their own since they are funded by Michael Bloomberg.  But dishonesty covers many facets and stealing is not out of the realm of these creatures.


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