Some F#!$&! Perspective

It is now September 12th, so I can say some stuff about September 11th that I couldn’t yesterday.

Buzzfeed posted this piece of shit article, which is supposed to make patriotic Americans who make a remembrance of 9/11 feel bad.

People Are Using #AfterSeptember11 To Share Their Stories Of Discrimination

Ever single tweet covered is by a young Muslim who suffered some sort of taunting following 9/11.


Now I’m not going to justify any of that, because it’s wrong.  But allow me to respond to them, to Buzzfeed, and to the liberals that hold this shit up high for everyone to see.

Boo-fucking-hoo for you!

You know why?

Because for 15 years, I can’t turn on the TV or go to YouTube, or browse the internet without seeing accusation after accusation that Israel and/or the Jews were responsible for 9/11.

Yes, some of the people saying that are kooks.  But in their group are influential people like Louis Farrakhan, and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, educators like Oberlin professor Joy Karega, and other minor academic fuckwits who teach this bullshit in class.

There was a trending hashtag yesterday #JewsDid911 which just reinforced the 9/11 blood libel.  Did Buzzfeed stop for one second to condemn that shit?  Hell no.

What really is the twist of the knife in this article is that overwhelmingly the major parties pushing the Israel/Jewish 9/11 conspiracies are Arab media and Islamic  leaders, as well as antisemitic Social Justice leftists and liberals.

Want some fucking proof:

This is clipped right from the Buzfeed article:


So I went to Twitter and look what I found:

911-twitter-3 911-twitter-2



Yes, allow me to be totally sympathetic to your plight while you desecrate the symbol of my religion.

Of course, the #afterseptember11 hashtag coverage in no way indicates that according to the FBI, Jews were the N0. 1 victim of religiously motivated hate crimes, by a wide margin, being 59% of victims.

Much of these hate crimes are coming out of college campuses where they are instigated by the pro-Palestinian BDS campaign, to the point were socially liberal schools in places like California are openly hostile to Jews.

But why should a liberal site like Buzzfeed ever let those pesky facts get in the way of a good narrative.

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  1. J. KB;
    I rhetorically ask, “Why aren’t moderate Muslims more vocal and visible in their condemnations of Islamic terror?” Could it be perhaps that the moderates who object to the violence are the minority and the majority at least secretly rejoice in the blood shed of innocent Christians and Jews? We must recognize that Christians, Jews, and Muslims do not worship the same God. While we worship the God of Abraham, Muslims worship a God that hungers for war and blood shed. Breitbart has a good piece on this:


  2. Speaking of “overly cussing” it is too bad that you don’t consider over use of “fuck” and “shit” as cussing. I am tired of the language on an otherwise good site. As soon as I post this I am unsubscribing to your site.


  3. I really want to see one of the REAL victims of the 9/11 attacks respond with something like, “My father was killed when the WTC collapsed. But please, tell me all about how being teased after the 9/11 attacks has irreparably hurt you. Loser. #fail”

    Y’know, just to keep things in perspective.



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