The Forest Whitaker Files: Gun Control is the Culture of Stupid.

There is your standard ignorant stupid:



And then we have the colossal stupid like this guy who was ranting against gun owners and favoring more gun control to save the city of Chicago:


So he knows where can a stolen gun be illegally bought, yet Law-Abiding Gun Owners are the problem, not the thieves or the traffickers…or him.




2 Replies to “The Forest Whitaker Files: Gun Control is the Culture of Stupid.”

  1. The guy said, “I don’t even have to go that far. I can buy a stolen gun down the block.”

    What? In Chicago? But that would be, like, illegal!

    It’s almost like he’s admitting that all of Chicago’s “strong gun laws” don’t amount to a pile of crap if someone wants something and is willing to break the law to get it. Undermining his own argument, as it were. Now if only he’d take a moment to let it sink in….



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