Either a Criminal or a Liar: Pro-Gun Control Pastor who won AR-15 rifle raffle won’t be charged.

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. (AP) — A suburban Portland pastor who won an AR-15 rifle in a raffle and then said he gave it to a gun-owning friend for safekeeping will not be prosecuted for transferring the weapon without conducting a background check, authorities said.
Officials were investigating whether Rev. Jeremy Lucas may have violated a recent state law that makes transferring a gun without a background check illegal, even if the arrangement is between private parties and no money changes hands.But investigators uncovered no evidence that Lucas, 45, actually transferred the gun and never determined the name of the gun-owning friend, Clackamas County District Attorney John S. Foote said in a letter to the Oregon State Police.

Source: Pastor who won AR-15 rifle raffle won’t be charged

A bit more info from the article for those of you unaware of the case.

A concerned Lucas first contacted the softball team and offered church funds to pay for the all-stars’ trip, if they’d cancel the raffle. “It’s one less gun that could be used to threaten someone or terrorize someone,” he would later explain.But it was too late, Lucas was told. Some tickets had already been sold, and by law, the raffle would have to play out.So the pastor came up with Plan B: Win the rifle, then destroy it — melt it down, turn it into a piece of art, perhaps a garden tool. Lucas dipped into his church’s discretionary fund for $3,000 and, at $20 apiece, bought 150 of the 500 raffle tickets.

Source: A priest planned to destroy a gun as a gesture of peace. In return, he got threats – LA Times

And from the Washington Post:



So the guy spends a bunch of money from the church to buy tickets for an AR rifle he intends to destroy and tells the media he gave it to a friend for safekeeping. He gets butt-hurt when Gun Owners tell him he broke the law by doing so and, suddenly when the cops come calling in to investigate, the illegal transfer never happened.

So we are prsented with two versions of Rev. Jeremy Lucas: The Law-Breaker or The Liar. I am gonna go with a third version and assume he is both: He did illegally transferred  the rifle but when he figured out (or was told) he was about to get in hot water, he performed another illegal transfer by retrieving it and then lied to the cops about having it change hands in the first place. But that is just my opinion, yours may vary.

Still, the lesson remains: Gun Laws are for the little people and not for those riding the High Moral Coin-Operated Horsey of Gun Control.

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  1. If I were part of the congregation at his church, I’d also be complaining about apparently using church funds for personal agendas. Sure, most churches have financial assistance programs, but I don’t think this could be construed as such.

    I would be looking for a new church. The clergy at this one clearly have a faulty moral compass.


    1. That money could have gone to a family that needs help with medical expenses, or is low on food. Maybe there’s someone in the parish who needs new glasses, a hearing aid, or an artificial limb.


  2. Law and order is subjective. If you are part of the political aristocracy or a protected member useful idiot parroting their ideology, you will find yourself a protected species. The rest of us that expect equal application of the law, not so much.



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