Tampa Bay Tribune may have done a bit of creative editing.

(Note: Updated. Corrections made on vehicle position.)

Derek Ward pointed me to our dear “friends” at the Tampa Day Tribune (You all know them for their rabid opposition to Stand Your Ground)  and their hit piece about US Concealed Carry Association. Since I wrote for their magazine, I am not going to delve on their faux outrage about people getting trained about what the self-defense law is about nor that they seem to hate the idea that somebody they don’t like would get their constitutional right to legal representation.

But what I am going to address is what seems to be a creative edition of the 911 call about the specific case they talk about in the article, much like CBS News in Miami did with the Zimmerman 911 call. Here is what they published:


You read the rest of the article, and you get the idea that Nick Julian IV went out, mercilessly killed Carlos Garcia and then claimed self-defense.  Hell, I thought myself the guy did it after the first initial pass of the article. But I did a bit of news search about the case and came up with a post from WFLA and to my shock, the transcript of the 911 call is different from the one printed by TBT:


And just in case, I screen-captured both pages for future reference:




Now, TBT covers its collective ass by giving a more complete transcript of the call, which includes the initially missing part, almost all the way to the bottom of their article and only after they were done pouncing on USCCA. But what makes the difference is a couple of words: Screen door. Although the initial gist of the article is that Mr. Julian shot Mr Garcia pretty much almost out on the street in cold blood, the missing part of the transcript shows Mr. Garcia was actually inside the curtilage of the residence, a fact that TBT sort of acknowledges once again halfway down the long article:

Julian’s father told deputies he saw some of what unfolded through a partly open door. The father said he saw his son run back to his screened-in porch with Garcia chasing behind. Julian’s father said he heard Garcia say “something along the line of a beat down,” the report said.

Then Julian’s father saw a flash and heard a loud crack.

This changes the TBT narrative. They identify Garcia’s car as a blue Honda Crosstour and they posted a picture of the front of Julian’s house. I enlarged it and brightened it a bit to make sure which was the car:

And although the TBT says Garcia parked his car in front of his Ex-Wife’s house, another photo in the article seems to show it was parked in front of Julian’s house. Notice the ceiling fan in both pictures:

Correction: The Honda Crosstour appears to be the vehicle on the left of the picture by the mailbox. The TBT post was right.



I pulled a bit of CSI:GFZ and according to records, this is the aerial view of Mr. Julian’s house. The red rectangle is an approximation where Mr. Garcia’s car was parked according to the picture in the article and the arrow points the distance from the car to Mr. Julian’s porch where the screen door is located:



You make your own minds.

Naysayers will go: “But the witnesses might have lied!” True, but Hillsborough County is not very Gun Owner friendly. In fact, I call it the New Jersey of Florida. Don’t take my word for it, just do some search. So, if the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office could not find evidence of wrongdoing or the local Prosecutor could not even weave charges like Angela Corey, you know this is not the “rage killing” that the Tampa Bay Tribune wishes you to believe.

And as usual, Absence of Malice is hard if not impossible to prove against the Media nowadays. Then again, that does not protect them for self-staining their own reputations and it is showing by the way people perceive them.

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