The Smallest Minority: Lying. It’s All That They’ve Got.

So, the legislature of Missouri has overridden Gov. Nixon’s veto and Missouri is now a Constitutional Carry state – the eleventh.  So far.The Editorial Board of the New York Times is hyperventilating.  Their op-ed today is entitled, “Missouri:  The Shoot Me State.”  I kid you not.  Shades of Florida being tagged “The Gunshine State” when they passed shall-issue concealed carry in 1987.  What happened there?  Well between passage of that law and 2014 the homicide rate declined from 11.4/100k to 5.8, violent crime declined from about 7,500/100k to less than 3,500, rape declined from 50.2/100k to 30.4, and aggravated assault declined from 606.3 to 366.4.
“Gunshine State”?  Missouri ought to embrace their new moniker.

Source: The Smallest Minority: Lying. It’s All That They’ve Got.

Kevin does a great job fisking the New York Times and Taco Stand on their hit job passing as editorial.

You can almost smell the calcium of the crushed pearls the NYT clutched so hard.

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    1. State of Maine legalized Constitutional Carry a couple of years ago. (concealed and open) My sister is still waiting for blood in the streets!!!


  1. With both Kansas City and St. Louis in MO, there was a lot of shoot me already.

    We used to party and shop in KC on the weekend when I worked in southeastern NE. From what I’ve heard, it isn’t as safe as it was. Besides, I’m twenty years older.



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